Ladies Selector’s Report

Round 9

It’s unbelievable, another perfect bowling day, the weather Gods are certainly with the ladies.  Two more games before the Christmas break and our teams are looking good for finals contention.
DIVISION 1 RED travelled to Mt. Gambier RSL to play their Blue team.  At the break, after 15 ends, were looking good.  This continued after the break and our Millicent team had a comfortable win.  Sarah’s rink 26 shots to 21 shots and in the absence of Lyn, Del’s rink had a good win, 29 shots to 19.  Overall win to Millicent 55 shots to 40.
DIVISION 1 BLUE  had a home game against the top team at the moment, Mt.Gambier RSL Red.  Mt Gambier RSL ladies were at their best and pulled away very early.  After the lunch break our ladies started their comeback but were unable to get the upper hand and finally succumbed to a strong RSL team.  Mt Gambier RSL Red 58 shots to Millicent 35 shots.  Adriana’s team down 16 shots to 35 and Heather’s team down 19 shots to 23,
DIVISION 3.  Again our ladies were challenged with withdrawals and had to use some of our men players in a home game against Robe.  It was a great game to watch with our teams pulling away and by lunch were in a very comfortable position.  After lunch the Robe ladies dug in and started to get some good shots in the head.  Finally Millicent took control again and finished strongly with a 59 shots to 31 shots win.  Merle’s team with a good win 33 shots to 12 and Lorraine’s team 26 shots to 19.  Thank you to the three men who put their hand up to save another forfeit.



A perfect bowls day for Pennant sides.  Six games to go and our ladies’ teams are looking very good for finals.  There were still a few Covid cases which knocked our Division 3 side around again.
DIVISION 1 RED: had a home game against last year’s Premiers.  Both Millicent teams got away to an early lead and this continued throughout the game, eventually having a convincing win, Millicent 62 shots to Kingston 24 shots.  Sarah’s team winning with 33 shots to 14 and Lyn’s team also a convincing win, 29 shots to 10 shots.
DIVISION 1 BLUE: made the journey south to Pt. MacDonnell, looking for a win after the first round. Millicent got away at the start and did not look back , having an excellent win from both teams.  Millicent 51 shots to Pt. MacDonnell 34 shots.  Adriana’s team 25 shots to 17 and Heather’s team 26 shots to 17.  It certainly makes for a good trip when you can pick up a convincing win.
DIVISION 3 had a home game against Mt. Gambier RSL.  With a few changes they started well and by the 15th end Mt Gambier RSL were just ahead.  Millicent girls after lunch, started their run home.  Merle’s team were up and down and were finally beaten by a very strong RSL team, Millicent 16 shots to RSL 24 shots,  Joy’s team with a first time skipper,  went away well, finally over-coming RSL. 21 shots to 18.  Mt. Gambier RSL finished the day with a win 42 shots to Millicent 37 shots.

Very good games all round and hopefully we can keep the push to the finals.



We knew this week’s teams were going to be a struggle for players.  Unfortunately for our Division 3 we had to make the call early and forfeit the game against Robe.  Thank you to all the Division 3 ladies who moved up to fill Division 1 Blue.
Travelled to Penola to play their Division 1 Blue side.  Sarah Ross’s team made a great start and by lunch had a very good lead which continued on after the break with a convincing win 37 shots to 10. Lyn’s team were having a real battle and were down at lunch but after a good feed fought back to only go down by 1 shot, 18 to 19.
Played at home to Mt Gambier RSL Blue.  Our fill-in skipper, Lurlene Reinders and her team got off to a flier and led the whole game but the Mount girls made a late charge to cut back the scoring, finally finishing 27 shots to 20.  A good team win to Millicent.  Adriana’s team battled hard with the scores changing back and forth the whole game.  At lunch the scores were even and this continued the same way after the break.  Finally after 25 ends the Mount girls got home by 2 shots.  Millicent 23 shots to 25.  A very good game over-all.

Thank you to all teams for the respect shown at 11.00 o’clock for Remembrance Day.



DIVISION 1 RED played Mount Gambier RSL Red at home in perfect Spring weather and A Green running at 15 seconds.  After 15 ends, when lunch was taken, the game was even.  Lyn Scudds’ team was down by 2 shots and Sarah Ross’s team was 2 shots up.  After lunch with 10 ends to play the Millicent teams took control and finished the day strongly.  A great win against a very strong team.  Lyn Scudds 24 shots to 17, Sarah Ross 23 shots to 15.  An excellent win.
Made the 105 km trip to Kingston with another perfect bowling day.  Playing the 2021/2022 Grand Final winners it was not going to be an easy day.  Our girls went with a few changes to their teams and a very positive attitude.  After 15 ends Millicent had pushed away from Kingston but we all know what happens after a break!  Millicent kept up their form and finally after 25 ends finished victorious by 24 shots.  Heather Carthew’s team winning 29 shots to 16, Adrian Ross’s team 28 shots to 17.  A very good win against a top side.
Played away to Mount Gambier RSL.  It wasn’t going to be an easy game against Shirley and Lynley.  All started well until Lorraine’s team had a small hiccup and went to  lunch behind on the score.  After lunch Merle’s team pulled away and finished the 25 ends with a win, 29 shots to 21.  Lorraine’s team struggled to make up their difference and went down 13 shots to 36.  A great game and congratulations to Mount Gambier RL.