Ladies Selector’s Report


DIVISION 1 RED played Pt MacDonnell at home. 
Sarah’s rink scored 8 shots before Pt Mac scored and at lunch Millicent were in front by 1 shot.  Unfortunately Pt Mac scored 5 shots on the last two ends to win their rink  25-30.
Lyn’s rink didn’t score until end 6 when they finally got on the card.  At lunch Millicent were 2 down.  To the girls’ credit they started to bowl after lunch like we know they can and only lost one end, going down to Pt. Mac by 1 shot 25-26.
Good luck and good bowling this week when Division 1 Red play Mt Gambier RSL Red at Port MacDonnell.



DIVISION 1 RED played Mt Gambier at home.  Sarah’s rink was even most of the morning but after lunch the girls came out and scored  a 5, they then went on to outscore their opponents 16-8.  This gave the Red team an over-all win.  Sarah’s rink won 33-21 shots.  Lyn’s rink at lunch was 10 shots down but with excellent bowling by the girls they only lost by 6 shots, 18-24.
DIVISION 1 BLUE travelled to the fast greens of Mt.Gambier RSL Blue.  Adriana’s rink found the going tough against good opposition going down 16-28.  Andrea’s rink had a good day being in front all game.  They won 25-19,  Blue lost over-all by 6 shots.  Great effort Blue team.
DIVISION 2 travelled to Lucindale playing on very fast greens.  Jan’s rink had a great game winning 28-14.  Heather’s rink played a strong side, losing 17-32,  The team only losing by 1 shot over-all. Thank-you to Division 3 players who filled in for Division 2, Shirley Thiele, Fay Richards and Tina Erickson.
We now have a one week break.  Bowls commence again 19th February.
MARY CAMPBELL  [Chairperson of Selectors ]


DIVISION  1 RED travelled to Mt Gambier RSL.  Sarah’s rink was in front until the 16th end when they then dropped a 7 and unfortunately could not catch up.  Lyn’s rink went down by 1 shot after a tight game all day.  Red lost by 9 shots over-all.

DIVISION 1 BLUE played Kingston at home.  Adriana’s rink had a great day winning by 15 shots.  Andrea’s rink battled hard all day going down by 10 shots.  The Blue team had a good win over-all.

DIVISION 2 played Robe at home.  Both rinks had a big winning score.  Jan’s rink won 40-13.  Heather’s rink won 29-11.  Great for Millicent Division 2 to have a good day.

DIVISION 3 played Robe at home.  Fay’s rink won 26-23.  Tina’s rink went down by 12 shots.  Thank you to Mary Dawson, a Night Bowler, for filling in for Division 3.  Over-all the team lost by 9 shots.

MARY CAMPBELL [Chairperson of Selectors]