Open Selectors Report

Round 5 Report – November 9th 2019

Millicent Open Pennant Bowls winners this week are Division One, Two, Three Red and Three Blue

Millicent 75/14 defeated Naracoorte RSL 63/2
Bryan Roper (skip), Wayne Ross, Lyn Scudds and Derk Pietersma drew 21 shots all

John Scudds (skip), Iain Campbell, Peter Scanlon and Alan Correll won 27 shots to 15
Rod Gibbs (skip), Aaron Emonson, Glen Tilley and Sarah Ross drew 27 shots all

Millicent 76/16 defeated Kingston 66/0
Steve Carnellor (skip), Bill Burdon, Mary Clifford and Ros Varcoe won 27 shots to 24

Peter Varcoe (skip), John Buhlmann, Neil Whelan and Terry Barnes won 27 shots to 25
John Drew (skip), Andre Reinders, Andrea Radley and Lindsay Warneke won 22 shots to 14

Millicent Red 82/14 defeated Lucindale 60/2
David Taylor (skip), Bill Davis, David Reichelt and Rob Chambers won 37 shots to 17

Ian Ross (skip), Carlene Godden, Peter Bateman and John Eldridge lost 19 shots to 23
Robert Radley (skip), Rob Atkinson, Ella Pietersma and Peter Hyland won 26 shots to 20

Millicent Blue 76/15 defeated Kingston 60/1
Derek Bowering (skip), Arthur O’Connell, Carol Gibbs and Chris Earl won 32 shots to 18

Adriana Ross (skip), Frank Cooper, Denis Clifford and Garth Baker won 19 shots 17
Dell Parsons (skip), Graham Parsons, Faye Hill and David Crase had a draw 25 shots each

Millicent had a Bye

Millicent 44/0 lost to Mt Gambier 52/14
Ken Taylor (skip), Sam Schofield, Tina Eriksen and Doug Chilton and lost 26 shots to 27
Max Blacketer (skip), Cliff Elton, Maureen Elton, and Mario Rodaro lost 18 shots to 25