Saturday Pennant Report


Little joy for Millicent Open Pennant bowlers returning home after all four teams were defeated on Saturday

Millicent 54 shots lost to Naracoorte 86 shots
Bryan Roper (skip), Rod Gibbs, Derk Pietersma and Wayne Ross although having a slow start soon found their feet and reached the break with a five shot lead, and holding the line went on to record  a 21 shot to 16 win
Peter Scanlon (skip), Neil Whelan, Terry Barnes and Lindsay Warneke struggled all day against the strong Naracoorte side to lose 9 shots to 43
Iain Campbell’s rink of John Scudds, Alan Correll and Lyn Scudds started well and after leading 13 shots to 9 at the twelfth end mark, continued to do well until a late surge by Naracoorte overtook them and the rink suffered a 24 to 27 shot loss

Millicent 53 shots lost to Robe 93 shots
Steve Carnellor (skip), Andre Reinders, Mary Clifford and David Reichelt were overpowered by a very determined inform Robe opposition, eventually losing 10 shots to 42
Peter Varcoe and his team of John Drew, Carlene Godden and John Buhlmann had an even start with a 2 shot lead after 12 ends, and restricting the opposition to 5 shots after the break they recorded a 27 shot to 16 win
Glen Tilley (skip), Andrea Radley, Ros Varcoe and David Crase after staying in touch for the first half moved ahead  to lead by 3 shots only to be headed by the fast finishing Robe side which won 35 shots to 16

Millicent/Blue 78 shots lost to Mount Gambier 81 shots
Glenn Brown skippered Mary Campbell, Carol Gibbs and Chris Earl to a two shot win that started well and took them to a 7 shot lead at the twelfth end break, and holding on to win 31 shots to 29
Bill Burdon (skip), John Madden, Robert Radley and John Eldridge were evenly matched to the half time break after which they dominated to late in the game, but still scored a good 28 to 21 win
Adriana Ross (skip), Wayne Burris, Denis Clifford, and Eddie Hann were well in the game after twelve ends, only 2 shots adrift, but lost some momentum and although they fought back late in the game it was too late and suffered a 19 shot to 31 loss

Millicent 66 shots lost to Penola 68 shots
Jim Earl’s team of Terry Lonergan, Garth Baker and Brian Goode gave the opposition a break which could not be bridged and lost 21 shots to 25
Judy Vanderhorst (skip), Ella Pietersma, Manny Vanderhorst and Colin Lomas responded well to dropping four shots on the first end and after leading 14 to 12 on the twelfth end went on to win 25 shots to 23
Colin Pye (skip), Malcolm Wright, Arthur O’Connell and David Botting fought a seesawing game that after being down 8 shots to 12 after twelve ends came back to finish all square on 20 shots each

Division 2 are the only team to make it to the Preliminary Final next Saturday