Mid Week Selectors’ Report

Mid week REPORT Wednesday 15th December 2021

The last home game of the Millicent Red Mid-Week Pennant team for this year finished with a draw against Naracoorte with the side of Derk Pietersma, Carlene Godden, Denis Clifford and Faye Hill ending up with a one shot win 22 to 21 and the side of Heather Carthew, Mary Clifford, Ella Pietersma and Merle Stevens finished with a score of 18 to 19. So both teams shared points.
The Millicent Blue midweek side also played home against Pt Macdonnell Red with the team of Robert Radley, Andrea Radley, Esther Scudds and Chris Earl after a tough game finished in front by two points with the score of 21 to 19. The team of Malcolm Wright, Arthur O’Connell, Lorraine Hyland and Rob Chambers found the going hard although they did manage to get a 5 and a 4 along the way. Their opposition had other ideas and winning 8 of the last 10 ends they were not able to come back finishing with a score 23 to40.
We wish all our bowlers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we will see you all again ready to play again next year after the break.

MID WEEK REPORT Wednesday 8th December 2021

The Millicent Red midweek team had a great day at Pt MacDonnell coming away with a win on both rinks getting all 8 points. Against the Pt MacDonnell Red team. The team of Derk Pietersma, Carlene Godden, Denis Clifford and Faye Hill after being down 5 to 10 and still being 13 to 19 down at the break. Whatever they had for lunch must have been good because they won 6 of the next 10 ends and even managed a 6 on the 22nd end and a 4 on the 24th end coming away with a 6 shot win. The team of Heather Carthew, Mary Clifford, Esther Scudds and Ella Pietersma too won their rink playing steady all day only being one shot down at the lunch break 12 to 13 then after lunch winning 6 of the next 10 and finishing by a win of 2 shots 19 to 17. Well done all.

The Millicent Blue midweek travelled to the Mount Gambier RSL against their Blue side and the team of Malcolm Wright, Robert Atkinson, David Botting and Chris Earl after a poor start being nil to 13 on the 6th end, by the lunch break scored 7 of the next 9 ends they were 10 to 17 down. By the end of the game they were 19 to 22 which is the closest they have come to a win this season so hang in there and be encouraged by this. The other team of Glen Tilley, Peter Hyland, Ross Warren and Lorraine Hyland scored very consistently  most of the day but for dropping a 5 and two fours things would have been very different. The final score was 20 to 32