Mid Week Selectors’ Report

Mid Week REPORT Wednesday 16th February

The Millicent Red team played home against Mount Gambier RSL Red and what a game it was. The Mid Week games are proving to be not only a challenge but great comradery . We are making great new friends and many people who play this competition thoroughly enjoy it and it is turning out to be the highlight of their week. The team of Derk Pietersma, Carlene Godden, Denis Clifford and Faye Hill finished within 2 shots at the end of the game and the team of Heather Carthew, Mary Clifford, Ella Pietersma and Merle Stevens finished with just 3 shots down so the overall scores were 45 to 50. Both teams were 4 shots (total 8) the difference at lunch time and finished slightly better to get within 5 shots at the conclusion of the game.
The Millicent Blue team did not play as their game has been postponed and they are awaiting for further news to when this game is to be played.