Mid Week Selectors’ Report

Mid Week Pennant Report by Derk Pietersma
13th October

The Red Team travelled to Naracoorte this week and got off to a really good start when the rain started to come down and we were forced to look for cover. At this stage both rinks were in front although we had only played a combined score of 20 ends which were not enough to be declared a game as this needs a total of 30 ends. Both rinks at this stage were 2 points in front but after waiting another hour for the pouring rain to stop the umpires of the day were forced to call the game off consequently the game ended up with a draw.
The Blue team travelled to Pt Macdonnell to play their Red team with the team of Robert Radley, Robyn Rolfe, Chris Earl and Rob Chambers being the only team that won on the day by 4 shots although they too had to abandon play after 30 ends but their match was declared a game coming away with 2 points. Malcolm Wrights team found the day hard going after not scoring on the first 6 ends.

Better luck next week teams.


Mid Week Pennants Millicent Red v Port Mac Donnell Red and Millicent Blue v Mount Gambier R.S.L Blue.
Port Mac Donnell Side Manage,r Robert Hutchesson spoke on behalf of the visiting clubs and said it’s great to see Millicent teams joining the Mid Week competition.
The rink between Denis Clifford, Mary Campbell, Carlene Godden, Derk Pietersma,and Port Mac Donnell’s Michael Glynn, Keith Dowdell, Heather Richards, Bill Richards.
The game was played on a fine day and great spirit, with strong opposition the Millicent team played well and made Port Mac work hard with the score changing every end.
The Final score for this rink Millicent 23 shots to Port Mac 27 shots.
The rink of Merle Stevens, Ella Pietersma, Mary Clifford, Heather Carthew, played  Des Horrigan, Jan Dowdell, Kevin Henderson, Robert Hutchesson had a very close score -Millicent 19 shots to Port Mac 20 shots.
The overall final score Millicent Red 42 shots to Port Mac Donnell Red 47 shots.
Millicent Blue v Mount Gambier R.S.L Blue.  The rink of Rob Chambers, Chris Earl,  Robyn Rolfe, Derrick Lindh, played Julie Beaman, Lindsay Fox, Dave Beaman, Graham Dent.
This rink had difficulty scoring in the first 7 ends but then they started playing and did they come back at the opposition only going down by 4 shots.
Final score Millicent 27 shots to Mount Gambier R.S.L. 31 shots.
The rink of Lorraine Hyland, David Botting, Andrea Radley, Malcolm  Wright, played a very strong combination, Alex Heeseman, Steve Elliot, Rob Falaize, Lindsay Moyle, but to their credit this Millicent Rink never gave up and it was a fine effort, with the final score Millicent 17 shots to Mount Gambier R.S.L, 31 shots.
The final overall score Millicent Blue 44 shots to Mount Gambier R.S.L blue 62 shots.
On behalf of the Millicent  Bowling Club Midweek teams, thankyou all the players who made the selves available, and players who have promised to fill in  when someone is not available.
Many thanks to all the members who helped us on this day and in the future, another feather in the cap for The Millicent Bowling Club.

Derk Pietersma.