Ladies Selector’s Report

Millicent Bowling Club Ladies Pennant Report: 
February 18th 2022  by Ella Pietersma

The Millicent Red Division 1 team played home to Penola this week. The team of Sarah Ross, Andrea Radley, Carlene Godden and Judy Lowe played steadily all day in a tight fought friendly game . They were 4 down at the lunch break and then showed some extra determination and good play and finished off winning their rink by 5 shots. Scores were 24 to 19. The team of Lyn Scudds team with Ros Varcoe, Mary Campbell and Ella Pietersma kept their opposition scoreless for the first 7 ends with a score of 17 to 0 but then relaxed a bit too much letting their opposition with  6 ends in a row so by the lunch break they were 20 to 14. Then after lunch they won 9 of the next 10 ends winning 33 to 15. Final scores were 57 to 34. A great effort and a good finish as this team finished just out of the four in fifth position
The Division 1 Blue travelled to Kingston to take on the top team and it certainly was worth going because they won both their rinks and are now in the finals. Heather Carthew, Elaine Goode, Esther Scudds and Merle Stevens team were up by 3 shots at the break and finished the game by 1 valuable shot and 2 valuable points 25 to 24 which meant that they were in the final in fourth position. Del Parsons , Mary Clifford, Denis Clifford and Faye Hill were 3 shots down at the break but had a big come back winning by 8 shots in the end. This game was a pre-curser to next week final at Pt MacDonnell as this game will be a re match because by Millicent Blue winning, Kingston went from top position to third. Third plays fourth so it is Millicent plays Kingston. Good luck girls a well deserved win and make your club proud.
The Division 2. Played travelled to Penola and unfortunately found the going a bit too tough. I am sure that they have made some good friends during the year and have lots of fun and laughter on the way. They have played some very good competitive games during the year and this will be a good start for the next season. One thing about them they have always come home happy and be willing to have another go the following week.