Saturday Pennants

In this section you will find the latest news from the Saturday Open selectors, selected teams, the LSEBA Draw and a weekly updated competiton table.

All results and ladders are provided by LSEBA.

This is the Saturday afternoon competition.

2018 Saturday Open Pennants
Division 3 Winners – Millicent Red

2018 Saturday Open Pennants
Division 4 Red Winners – Millicent


Dear Valued Member!

This year the decision was made to replace the French sticks to Sandwiches for Open Pennant afternoon tea.
To make this happen we need the help of everyone, so we have devised this rink roster to help with the running of that and if everyone helps out you will only need to do this once maybe twice!
Please follow the “Duty Roster below.
Each week a division will be rostered on and it will be up to that division to provide a rink for that week … ie: 4 people. If you work it out the week before you are rostered on, when you are all together, then all the work won’t fall onto the team manager.
Please understand that we cannot foresee the next week’s teams, so you may need to let someone know that you have swapped teams, also if you can’t help on the day you’re rostered on, then please do a swap with someone, please don’t just not turn up.
We need all your help for this to run smoothly.


We appreciate your help –  The Catering Committee


Duty Roster
Date Division
06/10/2018 Div 3 Red
13/10/2018 Div 2
20/10/2018 Div 3 Blue Div 4 Red
27/10/2018 Div 1
3/11/2018 Div 3 Blue Div 4 Blue
10/11/2018 Div 4 Red
17/11/2018 Div 2
24/11/2018 Div 3 Blue
01/12/2018 Div 1 Div 4 Red
08/12/2018 Div 3 Red
15/12/2018 Div 2 Div 4 Blue
22/12/2018 Div 3 Red
02/02/2019 Div 4 Blue
09/02/2019 Div 1