Open 2-4-2

The Millicent Bowling Club holds this competition every Thursday all year, when weather permits and no other tournaments are on. Visitors are most welcome, just ring the club and have your names in before 12.30pm, with play starting at 1.00pm.

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2 Played  8th April  2021

This week at the Millicent Bowls Club 39 players came out to play 20 ends of 2-4-2 bowls.  In first place this week was the team of Ian Ross and Neil Whelan with a massive score of 35+32 shots up winning 15 of the 20 ends, in second place with a score of 35+8, also only losing 5 of the 20 ends but way down on shots up, was the team of Denis Clifford and Peter Hyland.

Other winning teams for the day were, Glen Schapel, Adriana Ross 33+11, Arthur O’Connell, Brian Roper 32+14, Sam Schofield, John Scudds 31+9, Lorriane Hyland, Iain Campbell 31+12, Ros Varcoe, Sarah Ross 31+9, Rob Chambers, Derrek Lindh, 30+5 and a triple of Margaret Fennell, Lurlene Reinders and Derk Pietersma 29+1.

Tournament Derek Bowering, reminded members of the Annual General Meeting of the Bowls Club which is to be held Wednesday 28th April at 1.00 pm.   

The Winning Pair for the day
Neil Whelan and Ian Ross
Runners Up for the day
Peter Hyland and Denis Clifford


Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2 Played 1st April 2021

This week, in rather warm weather, 38 players took to the greens to have 20 ends of bowls and once again due to the odd number, one triple had to be picked to play against a pair.
Before going out to play, Tournament Director Derek, congratulated Iain Campbell on winning the Veterans, Champion of Champions Singles in Mount Gambier on Tuesday 30th.  He also reminded all players of the Ladies Meeting Wednesday April 7th and the Open Meeting Thursday 8th April, he also wished Tery Barnes a very happy birthday celebrating his 80th.

Results for the day saw the triple of Malcolm Wright, John Drew and Andre Reinders winning  first place with a score of 33+22. Runners up for the day were Derek Bowering and Ian Ross just being beaten on shots up with a score of 33+6.

Other winning teams were, Robin Rolfe, Peter Varcoe 33+4. Derrick Lindh, Eddie Hann 32+16. John Eldridge, Bill Burdon 32+7. Lorraine Hyland , Tery Barnes 32+4. Sam Schofield, Neil Whelan 32+2. Ros Varcoe,  Arthur O’Connell 31+4 and David Taylor, Peter Hyland 31+1.    

Winners: John Drew, Andre Reinders, Malcolm Wright
Runners up: Derek Bowering, Ian Ross

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2
Played on 25th March 2021

This week in rather windy conditions, 34 players took part in the 2-4-2 competition, with one team of triple, before going out to play, tournament director Derek Bowering wished our champion men’s fours all the best in the champion of champion fours on Saturday  27th March and also reminded all players of the presentation night to be held on the 9th April staring at 4-30pm which is also catered , with names of those attending to have their names in by 6th April.
Results for the day, saw the team of triples win the day, with Ian Ross leading, Andrea Radley playing second and Peter Varcoe skip, finishing with a score of 33+5, Runner s up for the day was the team of Robert Radley and John Scudds with a score of 32+6.
Other winning teams were, Peter Dunnicliff, Mary Clifford 32+1, Rob Chambers, Peter Hyland 31+6, Chris Earl, Andre Reinders 31+6, Lorraine Hyland, Derrek Lindh 31+4, John Eldridge, Neil Whelan 31+3 and Frank Cooper, Eddie Hann 31+2

The winners for the day, Ian Ross, Andrea Radley and Peter Varcoe

Runners Up, Robert Radley and John Scudds

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2 Played 18th March

This week in rather warm weather, 24 players took to the greens to play 20 ends of bowls.  Prior to going out to play Tournament Director, Derek Bowering, reminded all players of the club presentation night on Friday 9th April starting at 4-30pm followed by tea.
After the game, President Peter Hyland presented Wayne Burris with a gift and a card which all players had signed saying farewell to Wayne and Kathy who are moving away to Waikerie. Wayne has been coach of the Millicent Bowls Club for a few years.
The winning team for the day, with a score of 33+9 was Derek Lindh and Lorraine Hyland. Runners up were John Scudds and David Riechelt scoring 32+15.|Other winning teams were, Neil Whelan, Garry Wilson 32+.,John Drew, Peter Dunnicliff 32+6. Peter Varcoe, Arthur O’Connell 30+11 and Steve Carnellor, Chris Earl 29+4.     

The winning pair Lorraine Hyland, Derrek Lindh

Runner Up John Scudds, David Reichelt
President Peter fair-welling, Wayne standing on the left

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2 Thursday 11th March

This week 34  players took part in the 2-4-2 competition played over 20 end.
Prior to going out to play Tournament Director Derek Bowering welcomed three visitors to the club, Darryl Hennessy, AnnMarie Goode and Brian Vorwerk.
The winning team for the day with a great score of 34+23 was Malcolm McRobert and Bryan Roper,  second was a triple team of Ann Marie Goode, Chris Earl and John Scudds with a score of 32+10.
Other winning rinks for the day were Peter Hyland, Terry Barnes 32+7. Gary Wilson, Ian Ross 32+., Darryl Hennessy, Alan Correll 31+10. Arthur O’Connell, John Drew 31+8. David Reichelt, Iain Campbell 31+4 and Peter Dunnicliff, Steve Carnellor 30+4.

The winning team, Bryan Roper, Malcolm McRobert
Runners Up the Triple, Chris Earl, AnnMarie Goode, John Scudds

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2 Competition
Played on 25th February 2021

The Millicent Bowls Club held their weekly 2-4-2 competition on Thursday, with 31 players taking to the greens.  Because of the odd number 3 teams of triples were required.
The winning team this week saw  the pair of Derek Lindh and Peter Varcoe take home the money with a very good score of 36+20,  in second place was
Andre Reinders  and Neil Whelan with a score of 34+25.
Other winning teams were Robby Chambers, John Scudds 33+4, Peter Dunnicliff, Judy Lowe 32+14, Eddy Hann, Terry Barnes 32+6, a triple of Garry Wilson, Peter Hyland, John Drew 31+1 and a drawn rink with the teams of Ian Kuchel, Frank Cooper and Andrea Radley 21+0 playing Mac McDonald and David Reichelt 19+0.
Tournament Director Derek Bowering asked that all bowlers, after practising, to please ensure that all mats and jacks are locked away.  Some bowlers after finishing practice have been leaving the box unlocked.
The Men’s and Ladies Veteran Singles are to be played on Wednesday 10th of March.  The sheet is out for names of those who wish to play.  Markers are also required.

The Winning Team For The Day, Peter Varcoe and Derek Lindh
Runners Up For The Day, Andre Reinders and Neil Whelan

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2 played 11th February 2021

This Thursday in rather warm weather, 31 players took to the greens to play 20 ends of 2-4-2 bowls.  By the 15th end the conditions started to cool down and at the end of the game light rain had started.
The winning team for the 2-4-2 today went to a triple, Jan Buhlmann, Eddie Hann and Derk Pietersma with a score of 33+12.  Runners- up for the day was a pair of Wayne Burris and Neil Whelan, scoring 32+11.
Other winning teams were Glen Schapel, David Reichelt 31+6.  Chris Earl, Peter Scanlon 31+1.  Frank Cooper, John Buhlmann 30+9, Derek Bowering, Ian Ross 30+6 and  Andy Kramer, Peter Varcoe 28+1.
Derek reminded players of the up coming Championship Fours to be played on Sunday 14th February starting at 8-30am.  The Championship Pairs are to be completed before 21st February ready to play in the Champion of Champions Pairs which are to  be played in Millicent.

The winners for the day, Derk Pietersma, Jan Buhlmann, Edie Hann
Runners Up for the day, Wayne Burris, Neil Whelan

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2 – 4th February

This week  numbers were down to play 2-4-2 with only 17 players taking part in the game mainly due to the Country Carnival being held in Adelaide.
Because of the rain which started just after the game had commenced and slowly became heavier, the game was cut back to 12 ends.
With the odd number of 17 this required 1 team of a triple, who actually won the day. The team was  John Buhlmann, Denis Clifford and Terry Lonergan who finished with a score of 31+15. Runners up for the day was David Botting and Rod Gibbs with a score of 29+10.
The other two winning rinks were Robbie Chambers, Eddie Hann 27+4 and  Malcolm McRobert, Steve Carnellor 26+1.
Steve Carnellor reminded players that on  the 25th of February there will be a General Meeting for all members after the 2-4-2 game to discuss and vote on notices of motion from other clubs to be taken to LSEBA meeting.
Steve also congratulated Peter Scanlon and Peter Varcoe for getting through to the finals in the pairs and Peter Scanlon in the singles in Adelaide at the Country Carnival.

The winning triple
John Buhlmann, Denis Clifford, Terry Lonergan
Runners Up
David Botting, Rod Gibbs