2022/23 Champions

Ladies Singles Champion for 2022/23 Heather Carthew
2022/23 Men’s singles champion Jim Campbell
Men’s Pairs Champions for 2022/23 Season: Ben Masters and Wayne Ross
Ladies Pairs Champions for 2022/23 Season, Carlene Gooden and Judy Lowe

Club Triples Champions: Sarah Ross, Elaine Goode, Joy Warren

Men’s Triples Champions for 2023/24 Season
Ben Masters, Aaron Emonson, Steve Skeer
2022/23 Ladies Championship Fours
mac macdonald, Robin Rolfe, Loraine Hyland, Joy Warren
2022/23 Men’s Champion Fours
Kym Stewart, Aaron Emonson, Steven Skeer, Eddie Hann
Veteran Singles Champion for 2022/23 season Lyn Scudds
Men’s Singles Veteran Champion for 2023, John Scudds