Night Bowls

See Ella Pietersma or ring 0417872317

Starting of night bowls for season 2022/23
The first night bowls evening will be on Wednesday, October 19th

Millicent Bowling Club
Wednesday Night Bowls – 2022/2023

Dear Night Bowler
You have indicated that you wish to field a team in the 2022/2023 Night Bowls competition at the Millicent Bowling Club.

The competition will again be held on Wednesday nights and divided into 3 colours or Divisions. The Red being the most experienced, then Blue and White. Each year the two top teams go up and the 2 teams who finished bottom go down. This keeps the teams keen and striving to do better. Scores are recorded each week as well as Touches on the (Jack or Kitty) and as well as nightly prizes there are also prizes and Trophies at the end of the season on Presentation Night.

The first night bowls evening will be on Wednesday, October 19th 2022. This will be a practice night. As well as a further practice night will be held on October 26th (2 practice nights).

The premiership season will begin on Wednesday 2nd November and go through until December 14th. There will be a break over Christmas. The season will resume on January 11h and go through until Wednesday March 22nd – 18 weeks of competition. Draws will be available on the first night of the Premiership Season.

Teams need to be at the Bowling Club by 5.45 p.m ready to start play by 6.00 pm.

All non-bowlers need to pay a $10.00 Night Bowls membership. This membership needs to be paid at the office window by the end of round 2 (November 8th.). This money is a registration fee.

Each week, one team member will be responsible for collecting $3.00 from each player in their team and pay the $12 per team at the office window.

The rules for the competition will be:

  • We will attempt to play 12 ends each night (this depends on the weather).
  • Teams are to have no more than 2-Registered’ Club bowlers (unless negotiated with the organising committee). Registered Bowlers should not play in the Skip position (Penalty may apply)
  • Players need to wear flat shoes.
  • No smoking is allowed on the greens.
  • The jack out of bounds – if the lead knocks the jack out of bounds, it is 1 shot to the opposition and the next end starts, if the second knocks it out of bounds, it is 2 shots ; is the third knocks it out, it is 3 shots; and if the skipper knocks it out of bounds, it is 4 shots to the opposition.

We have room for 42 teams on our greens when full. Last season we had 30 teams and this year we are hoping to have this number or more again.

Any other queries, concerns, issues, etc please do not hesitate to contact me (Ella Pietersma) 0417872317


Photos of all overall winners and runners up for Season 2022 well done to all

Red Division: Rovers, with 394 points: Steven Skeer, John Buhlmann, Roger Buckmaster, Mick Pedler
Blue Division: Grand Hotel, with 418 points: Jim Taylor, Bill Chapman, Chris Vearing, Jamie Vearing
White Division: The Pups, Sam Kent, Jez Jones, Luke Ferguson, Todd Craige
White Division, Over all runners up and also the winners of the most team touches, winning the Norman vonEinem Memorial Trophy , Barb Leicester, Glenn Tilley, Bernie Bowman, Nigel Ross, Mary Bellinger
Red Division Overall Runners Up, Max’s Fours, John Chalmers, Kylie Ross, Max Blacketer, (absent Fay Richards)
Blue Division, overall runners up, Birdies, Robyn Rolfe, Pam Packer, Janet Watson, Mary Dawson
Red Division : Runner up, Jim Hyland 20 touches, Winner, Graham Watson 22touches
Blue Division : Winner, Jamie Vearing 27 touches Runner up Richard North with 23 touches
White Division : Runner Up, Jayden Williams with 25 touches, Winner Bernie Bowman with 26 Touches