Night Bowls

The wind up of night bowls for 2018/19 was played on 13th March 2019 with a free BBQ for all players and workers. Challenges were put out to some teams by teams they had played during the year.

Master of Ceremonies, Glen Tilley, thanked all players, office staff and all other helpers for assisting over the Night Owls season. Ever one had a great time. President Dirk Pietersma also thanked all participants. The night ended with the presentation of all trophy winners. The photos show the wind-up of the night.

Sponsored by G.O and J.M Davis Carpentry, Garry is shown in each photo

White Division Touches winner
Mossies Team with 22 touches Robert Hyland

Blue Division Touches Runner up
Sunny Bobcats with 21 touched Barb Leicester
Blue Division Touches Winner
Graham Fennell with 23 touches
Registered bowler in Blue Division Touches winners
Chris Earl(pictured) and Arnold Damhuis with 25 touches each
Red Division Touches Runner Up
Rovers Team Mick Pedlar with 21 touches 

Sponsored by Gill Purdie Master Plumbers
Red Division Touches Winner
Macca’s Team Malcolm McRobert with 22 touches
Registered bowler winner John Buhlmann from
Rovers Team with 24 touches
Overall joint runners up for all divisions with 25 touches
Peter Hyland from Mossies and Terry Chant from Grand Ghosts
Overall Night Bowls Winner with 27 touches
Simon Cooper from Grand Ghosts
Overall registered bowler winner with 29 touches
Sam Schoefield from Team Paradise
Teagle Boys sponsored by R & M Buckmaster Carpentry
White Division overall Runners up with 10 wins and 6 losses and 311 points
White Division overall winners with 16 wins 0 losses and 434 points
the team of the Mossies

This Division Sponsored by Millicent 4WD Systems
Runners up in Blue Division with 11 wins and 4 losses and at total of 340 points
The Sparkies
Grand Ghost
Winners in Blue Division with 14 wins and 2 losses with a total of 397 points
also taking over all winners in team touches and winning the sought after
Norm Von Einem Memorial trophy with 104 touches are the

Grand Ghosts
Sponsored by Bernie Bowman
Red Division Runners up sponsored by Lonergan and Muhovics
Grand Hotel
With 10 wins, 6 losses and 300 points
Red Division over all winners are the Rovers
with 11 wins, 5 losses and 328 points
In White Division taking out joint winners with touches on 11 nights are
Cliff Lee from Teagle Boys and Robert Dunn fron Lion Cubs
In Blue Division having touches on 12 nights being the highest in that division
Peter Altschwager
Red Division taking out the trophy for most night with touches being 12 night
Robbie Gordon

The Encouragement Awards in each Division and sponsored by Big Trev’s Gas & Plumbing

Lions Cubs in White Division
Lions in Blue Division and will remain in Blue Division
Red Division Try Hards

  The results for the 6th of March have now come through.

Congratulations to all the winners and place getters for 2018/19 Night Owls Season

Compiled By Lindsay Warneke

Compiled by Lindsay Warneke