Night Bowls

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It was a bit windy tonight which was a bit challenging. Players certainly are experiencing a variety of playing conditions each week. Thanks to the kitchen staff they are getting some good variety and quality food served up to keep them satisfied. We are extremely thankful for some of our night owls members stepping and volunteering to play for our Saturday Pennant side to help them out. This will be a new experience for them and we look forward to next week to see how they got on. Jack Attack (Ian Kuchel, Ross Warren, John Madden, Frank Cooper) managed to score a magnificent 8 tonight. We also welcomed Tristan Thorneycroft as a first time player tonight.

Touches tonight : Graham Reilly (Here 4 Beer) 4, Mike Bleby (Lions) 4, John Chalmers (Max’s Four) 3.

Winners this week :
Red Division : Jack Attack ( Ian Kuchel, Ross Warren, John Madden, Frank Cooper) defeated Jack Attack 27+13, other winners were Somerset Legends 27+6, Grand Hotel 27+2, Awesome Foursome 27+1, Mossies 27+1.
Blue Division: Gizzies Crew (Todd Craig, Hamish Reilly, Paul Craig, Kylie Ross) defeated X Factor 29+17, Lions Roar 28+8, Try Hards 28+8, Miss Fitts 27+11, Snappers 27+1.
White Division: Max’s Four (Max Blacketer, Fay Richards, John Chalmers, Graham Loveday) defeated Rotary 28+2, Birdies 27+3, Somerset Seniors 25+5, Here 4 Beer 25+3.

What a beautiful Wednesday night for bowls, the best so far with the wind the main thing the bowlers had to contend with. Maybe one evening there will be no wind and the bowlers will be very surprised and will be at a loss of how to handle the greens. It is nice to see some good shots being bowled. We welcome back some bowlers who have been on the sick list and some who still are but giving it a go and surrounded by their bowls’ mates. We all need this at times.

Wednesday’s Touches:
Garry Hinton (Black Beetles) 3, Kylie Ross (Gizzies Crew) 3, Simon Laslett (Lions Roar) 3, Jim Hyland (Mossies) 3, Bevan Staude (Lion Cubs) 4, Paul Bosco (Try Hards) 3, John Chalmers (Max’s Four) 3.

Winners this week :
Red Division : Sparkies (Chris Earl, Scott Lonergan, Terry Lonergan, Bob Reilly) defeated Untouchables 29+8, other winners were Bits & Pieces 27+7, Jack Attack 26+7, Grand Hotel and Maccas had a draw 17, Somerset Legends also had a draw with Rovers 16.
Blue Division: Max’s Four (Max Blacketer, Fay Richards , John Chalmers, Graham Loveday) defeated Lions 28+7. Other winners were Acky’s Owls 27+5, Somerset Seniors 26+6, Birdies 26+2.
White Division: Lions Roar (Wally Lang, Ralph Domachenz, Yogi McMillan, Simon Laslett) defeated  Wanna B DJ’s 30+18. Other winners were Easy Beats 29+7, Black Beetles 28+7, Try Hards 27+5, Miss Fitts 26+2.

Winners Red: Terry Lonergan, Chris Earl, Scott Lonergan, Bob Reilly

Winners Blue: John Chalmers, Graham Loveday, Fay Richards, Max Blacketer

Winners White: Ralph Domaschenz, Simon Lasslett, Wally Lang, Yogi McMillan

Not even a cool night deters an evening of fun and bowls for over 100 people on their bowling night catching up with old and new friends. It was nice to see Mary and Denis Clifford who support our night owls celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary as well as welcoming a couple of supporters from Adelaide.
Touches tonight :  Ian Slape(Easy Beats) 3, Robin Thomas (Scrappers) 3, Alan Rolfe (Lions) 3.
Winners this week :
Red Division :
Rovers (Steve Skeer, Louise Butler, John Buhlmann, Mick Pedler) defeated Jack Attack) 28+12, other winners were  Untouchables 28+7Sparkies 26+4, Somerset Legends 27+2, with Awesome Foursome and Maccas having a draw 16+0.
Blue Division: Somerset Legends (Ian Grosser, Robert Leslie, Robert Atkinson, Craig Stewart) defeated Rotary 30+15, Birdies 28+7, Here 4 Beer 27+5, Max’s Four 27+1.
White Division: Black Beetles (Kym Stewart, Mick Parish, Bill Chapman, Dez King (Pluto)) defeated Easy Beats 28+8, Wanna B DJ’S 27+11 , Gizzies Crew 27+9, Try Hards 26+1, with Miss Fitts and Scrappers having a draw.

Red Division Winners, John Buhlmann, Mick Pedler, Steve Skeer, Louise Butler

Winners in Blue Division: Craig Stewart,Ian Grosser, Robbie Leslie,

Robert Atkinson

With one team having a forfeit tonight, thankyou to the opposing team for coming along and still filling in ,making other teams happy filling for them.
There were some draws tonight and some very happy players to be having such a great time.

Wally Land [Lins Roar] 4. Bernie Bowman [Achie’s Owls] 4. John Cockrum [Untouchables] 4. Ian Slape [Easy Beats] 3. Richard North [Rams] 3. Bob Reilly [Sparkies] 3.

Winners this week:
Rovers [Steve Skeer, Loise Butler, John Buhlmann, Mick Pedlar] defeated Grand Hotel 28+15.  Other winners were Mossies 28+9.  Maccas 28+5. Somerset Legends, Jack Attack 27+5.
BLUE DIVISION: Somerset Legends [Ian Grosser, Robert Lesslie, Robert Atkinson, Craig Stewart] defeated Birdies 29+14.  Other winners were Max’s Fours 28+7. Acky’s Owls 27+8. Lions 25+2.
WHITE DIVISION: Lions Roar [Wally Lang, Ralph Domaschenz, Brenton McMillan, Simon Laslett] defeated Lions Cubs 29+5.  Other winners were, Try Hards 28+7. Misfitts won on a forfeit 27+0. Black Beatles 25+2. Wanna B DJ’s 16+0 drew with Scrappers.

It was great to start the season off with good weather, full greens and lots of smiling faces not forgetting some delicious food and drinks and lots of raffle winners.
We certainly are looking forward to playing each week as the competition is expected to be very competitive as the sides are graded by colours white being the tryers who get better each week as they get more practice before they move on to the blue team who then try to get to the top of the ladder so that the can progress to the Red team who try real hard to stay there because the two bottom teams in Red and Blue Division go down and the two top teams in White and Blue progress up. So you can see there is lots of trying and banter each week as players do their best to win realising that there has to be just as many runner ups as winners.

Touches tonight : Bill Chapman (Black Beetles) 5, Simon Cooper (Maccas) Keith Field (Lion Cubs) 3, Ziggy Grant 3 (Wanna B DJ’s) Richard North (Rams) 3.

Winners this week :
Red Division :
Jack Attack (Ian Kuckel, Frank Cooper, Ross Warren, John Madden) defeated Bits & Pieces 30+21, other winners Grand Hotel 28+14, Maccas 27+4, Untouchables 27+3, Rovers 26+2.
Blue Division:
Somery Seniors (Ian Grosser, Robert Leslie, Rod Horne, Martin Cameron) defeated  Lions 29+10, other winners were Rotary 27+13, Max’s Four 27+6, Here 4 Beer 26+2.
White Division:
Lion Cubs (Robert Dunn, Rex Clark, Keith Field) defeated Scrappers 29+17, other winners were Try Hards 28+14, X Factor 28+0, Black Beetles 28+6, Easy Beats 27+5.

Red Division Winners: Ross Warren, John Madden, Ian Kuchel, Frank Cooper

Blue Division: Martin Cameron, Ian Grosser, Robert Leslie, Nipper Horn

White Division: Robert Dunn, Rex Clark, Keith Field