Night Bowls

See Ella Pietersma or ring 0417872317

Notice to all Night Bowlers

There is no Night Bowls this Wednesday Night the 26th January, due to the Herb Henderson Day competition being held on that day and running into late afternoon

January 2022 by Ella Pietersma

All teams played in ideal conditions except for the strong wind but that is something we bowlers get used to as it is very rare not to have any wind blowing on any night. Millicent is so fortunate to have this great sport for all ages available here and is the envy of many a club.

Touches tonight : Nick Waring (Gizzies Crew) 4, Mike Bleby (Lions) 4, Kruger Nitscke (Rotary) 4, David Thorneycroft (lions Roar) 3, Bill Chapman ( Grand Hotel) 3, Pam Packer (Birdies) 4, Mark Skeer (X Factor) 3,

Winners this week:
RED DIVISION: Sparkies (Chris Earl, Scott Lonergan, Terry Lonergan, Bob Reilly) defeated Bits & Pieces 29+22, other winners were Untouchables 27+4, Max’s Four 27+3, Jack Attack 27+1, Rovers 26+4.
BLUE DIVISION ; Birdies ( Pam Packer, Janet Watson, Robin Rolfe, Mary Dawson) defeated Awesome Foursome 29+12, other winners were Grand Hotel 29+10, Maccas 28+12, Lions 27+5, Somerset Seniors 27+6.
WHITE DIVISION :  Miss Fitts (Margaret Lang, Jan Buhlmann, Oor Grovenor, Joy Warren) defeated Mayurra Mob 28+18, other winners were Lions Roar 27+7, The Pups 27+1, Lion Cubs 26+2, Bedford Butterflies 17 having a draw with Gizzies Crew 16.

Red Division Winners, Bob Reilly, Scott Lonergan, Chris Earl, Terry lonergan
Blue Division, Pam Packer, Janet Watson, Robin Rolfe, Mary Dawson
White Division, Joy Warren, Margaret Lang, Jan Buhlmann, with Oor Grovenor missing


Well it was good to be back on the greens after our Christmas New Year break and last week which was to be the first week back had to be abandoned because it did not stop raining all day and night. It was great to greet our fellow night bowlers and enjoy some bowls, banter and chatter.
All players followed the Covid rules to the letter, wearing masks inside and distancing.  Two Covid Marshalls were on duty all night ensuring rules were followed.  Photos this week were taken outside to allow players to remove their mask, but one group was keen to show that even outside they were wearing their masks.

Touches Tonight : Graham Watson (Bits & Pieces) 4, Shuan Osmond (Bedford Butterflies) 3, Robert Leslie (Somerset Seniors) 3, Bill Chapman (Grand Hotel) 3.

Winners This Week:

RED DIVISION: Beetles ( Sam Schofield, Tina Eriksen, Des King) defeated Tant Tigers 29+13, other winners were Rovers 29+11, Untouchables 27+11, Jack Attack 27+6, Max’s Four 27+3.

BLUE DIVISION ; Grand Hotel (Jamie Veering, Chris Veering, Bill Chapman, Jim Taylor) 28+8, other winners Try Hards 28+3, Lion Rams had a draw 27+0, Maccas 26+9, Birdies 26+5.

WHITE DIVISION :  Sunnies (Bernie Bowman, Barb Leicester, Nigel Ross) defeated Mayurra Mob 28+25, Lions Roar 28+3, Scrappers 27+16, The Pups 2+1, Lion Cubs 26+3.

Red Division Beetles Sam Schofield, Tina Eriksen, Des King
Blue Division Grand Hotel Jim Taylor, Bill Chapman, Chris Veering, Jamie Veering
White Division Sunnies Barb Leicester, Bernie Bowman, Nigel Ross

by Ella Pietersma

We are sad to have lost another member this week and extend our Condolences to the McRobert family on the sudden loss of Lynda McRobert. We know she loved her bowls and the many friends she made, will miss her too.
As we approach Christmas and New Year our competition does not start again until Wednesday 5th January so enjoy some time off and holidays and travel safely as we look forward to seeing you all again.

Touches tonight
Robin Thomas (Scrappers) 3, Dez King (Pluto) Beetles 3, Peter Gregurke (Rotary) 3, Scott Lonergan (Sparkies) 3, George Hobson (Lion Cubs) 3,Paul Bosco (Try Hards) 3, Simon Laslett (Lions Roar) 3, Linda Hamilton (Awesome Foursome) 3.

Winners this week:

RED DIVISION: Sparkies (Chris Earl, Scott Lonergan, Terry Lonergan, Bob Reilly) defeated Somerset Legends 28+11, Rovers 27+4, Tant Tigers 27+3, Jack Attack 25+6, Bits & Pieces 241

BLUE DIVISION ; Awesome Foursome ( Mary Clifford, Linda Hamilton, Derek Bowering, Allan Webster) defeated Lion Rams 28+16, Try Hards 28+7, Rotary 27+6, Birdies and Somery Seniors had a draw with 15 and 17 points.

WHITE DIVISION :  The Pups (Sam Kent, Jez Jones, Luke Ferguson, Todd Craig) defeated Gizzies Crew 27+12, Beanz Team 27+5, Scrappers 27+2, Bedford Butterflies had a forfeit from Mayura Mob, Sunnies and Lion Cubs  both had a draw 16.

Red Division Winner: Bob Reilly, Terry Lonergan, Scott Lonergan, Chris Earl
Blue Division Winners: Allan Webster, Derek Bowering, Linda Hamilton, Mary Clifford

8th December 2021 by Ella Pietersma

As we are heading to the middle of December and Christmas is getting closer we come to the end of this year’s competition I am sure the Night Owls bowlers are all looking forward to their barb-b-que this next week. Please make sure you come early so that you can have a bite to eat before you start.

Touches tonight

Ian Slape (Beanz Team) 5, Ross Warren (Jack Attack) 4, Robin Thomas (Scrappers) 3, Nick Waring (Gizzies Crew) 3, Pam Packer (Birdies 3) , Nigel Ross (Sunnies) 3

Winners this week:
RED DIVISION: Rovers(Mick Pedler. Stephen Skeer, John Buhlmann, Rodger Buckmaster) defeated the Beetles 28+12, other winners were Tant Tigers 28+6, Untouchables 28+3, Max’s Four 27+7, with Jack Attack and Sparkies having a draw 18 and 14.
BLUE DIVISION :  Grand Hotel (Jamie Vearing, Bill Chapman, Jim Taylor, Chris Vearing) defeated Rotary 30+16, other winners were Birdies 29+12, Maccas 28+17, Somery Seniors 27+2, Awesome Foursome 25+3.
WHITE DIVISION : Lions Roar (Ralph Domaschenz, Dave Turner, Simon Laslett, Steve Ponsett) defeated Mayura Mob 28+11, Miss Fitts 28+8,Gizzies Crew 28+5,The Pups 27+2, Sunnies 25+5.

Winners Red Division: Roger Buckmaster, John Buhlmann, Stephen Skeer, (Mick Pedler missing)
Winners Blue Division: Jim Taylor, Bill Chapman, Mrs Chris Vearing, Mr Jamie Vearing
Winners in White Division: Stewie Pounset, David Thornycroft, Simon Laslett, Ralph Domaschenz