Night Bowls

See Ella Pietersma or ring 0417872317



Hello all sporting clubs, tradies, shops, social clubs, schools or people loosing for an outlet or something to do on nice summer evenings during daylight hours. Every Wednesday night from 6pm to 8pm we have lots of people participating and having fun on our bowling greens.

This competition is open to all ages from 8 years to 100. So mum, dad, grandparents, in -laws, cousins, friends you are all welcome. You will always know someone there as we have over 100 people playing on any given night.

Food and drinks are available to purchase and the only requirement is footwear some sneakers or flat soled shoes and a jacket on some cold nights. Bowls are provided if you do not have any of your own we will help you with the bowls and size to suit your individual need.

Come along and check out our club and its facilities. You will be assured of a great welcome. We already have welcomed some nice friendly people from interstate who have Millicent their new home and are fitting in nicely.

The Bowling Club has three synthetic greens and can accommodate 156 players at any one time. It is situated on North Terrace just behind Millicent’s Playground and Skateboard Park.

Opening night when people will be coming along for two practice nights will be Wednesday 27th October at 6-00pm through to the 15th December 2021 and recommencing on Wednesday 5th January 2022 at 6-00pm and finishing on Wednesday 30th March with a BBQ night before this years competition starts but you are most welcome to come along anytime you see someone playing or practicing on the greens and introduce yourself I am sure they will be up for a chat.

If you have any enquiries or want to discuss any matters give Ella Pietersma (Night Owls Co-Ordinator) a ring on 0417872317 and she will be only too willing to further discuss your concerns.