Night Bowls

See Ella Pietersma or ring 0417872317

Individual Jack Touchers for the season

Ray Doecke, Steve Skeer, Allan Webster

Over-all Winner: Ray Doecke (Maccas) with 20
Runner Up: Allan Webster, tied with John Cockrum Absent Tied with 18 touchers
Registered Bowler: Steve Skeer (Rovers) with 28

Richard North, Max Blacketer, John Chalmers

Over-all Winner: Richard North (Lions Rams) with 25 touchers
Runner Up: John Chalmers(Max’s Four) with 21 touchers
Registered Bowler: Max Blacketer (Max’s Four) with 24 touchers

White Division

Over-all Winner Simon Laslett with 25 touches (Lions Roar)
Joint Runners-Up: Paul Bosco (Try Hards) and Kylie Ross (Gizzys Crew) tied with 20 touchers.

Registered Bowler Arnold Damhuis 27 touches

Team Touches for the season

Jayden Williams, Barry Smith, Heather Huitema, Terry Barnes, with John Cockrum (absent)
Max’s Four
John Chalmers, Fay Richards, Graham Loveday, Max Blacketer

White Division

Try Hards,
Graeme Attiwell, Paul Bosco, Arnold Damhuis, Jamie Damhuis, Absent: Peter Johns

Over-all Division Winners

Red Division

Over-all winners: Steve Skeer, John Buhlmann, Roger Buckmaster, Mick Pedler
Mossies:Runners Up Graham Abbott, Peter Hyland, Garry Wilson, Absent Jim Hyland
Somerset Seniors: Over-all Winners: Ian Grosser, Robert Lesslie, Robert Atkinson, Craig Stuart
Over-all Runners Up: Max’s Four: Faye Richards, John Chalmers, Graham Loveday, Max Blacketer

White Division

Over-all Winners Black Beetles: Gary Hinton, Mick Parish, Bill Chapman, Des King
Over-all Runners up: Try Hards: Grame Attiwell, Paul Bosco, Arnold Damhuis, Absent: Peter Johns

Millicent Bowling Club Night Owls Report 13th March 2024 by Ella Pietersma

This week was the last night of competition so players are anticipating the Presentation night next week. Players are advised to come early and enjoy the BBQ before the game
The Night Owls Competition has now ended with only the Presentation Night to go and of course the BBQ. This is also a chance for any team who would like to challenge either a team that they have played during the year or a team that is in a higher colour they would like to challenge to see what happens.
Come early and enjoy something to eat and camaraderie with fellow players.
During the break talk to your friends to see if they would like to put in a team or come along just for a game when they can make it. They will always be welcome to join the happy group of players.

Touches Tonight: Dion Howell (Bits & Pieces) 3, Craig Stewart (Somerset Seniors) 3, Trevor Reilly (Here 4 Beer) 4.

Red Division:
Grand Hotel (Bill Mullan, Jim Taylor, Chris Vearing, Jamie Vearing) defeated Mossies 28+4, other winners were Maccas 27+5, Rovers 27+1, Untouchables 25+2, Jack Attack 25+1.
Blue Division:
Rotary (Ian Nitske, Aaron Emonson, Peter Gregurke, Greg De Pamphilis) defeated Rams 28+20, other winners were Somerset Seniors 26+7, Birdies 26+1, Acky’s Owls 25=5
White Division:
Miss Fitts (Margaret Lang, Joy Warren, Jan Buhlmann, Oor Grosvenor) defeated Black Beetles 28+14, other winners were X Factor 27+9, Gizzies Crew 27+6, Lions Roar 26+4, Lion Cubs 25+3.

Winners in Red Division: Grand Hotel
Jamie Vearing, Chris Vering, Jim Taylor, Bill Mullan
Winners in Blue Division: Rotary
Greg De Pamphilis, Peter Gregurke, Ian Nitske, Aaron Emonson
Winners in White Division: Miss Fitts
Margaret Lang, Joy Warren, Jan Buhlmann, Oor Grosvenor, left for home

With only one week of competition to go before we enjoy our free BBQ and have the Presentation night on Wednesday 20th March there is not much time left for the last dash to the finish line. See how you go. Thank you to all the teams who turned up to support the Flying Doctors fundraiser day last Sunday. It was a great turnout.

Touches tonight : Graham Doyle (Bits & Pieces) 3, Rodger Buckmaster (Rovers)3, Graham Abbott 4.

Winners this week :
Red Division : Mossies (Garry Wilson, Graham Abbott, Peter Hyland, Jim Hyland) defeated Grand Hotel 30+13, other winners Somerset Legends 28+6, Rovers 27+5, Awesome Foursome and Untouchables having a draw.
Blue Division: Somerset Seniors (Jeremy Kenny, Rodney Horne, Robert Leslie, Ian Grosser)and Rams Richard North, Eddie Hann, Henny Gybers, John Shelton) both had a draw on 28+12, other winners Birdies 28+4, Max’s Four 27+4.
White Division: Easy Beats (Ted Hamilton Jack Lane, Bradley Slape,Cameron Slape) defeated Lion Cubs 29+14,  other winners were Miss Fitts 29+6, Gizzies Crew 28+7, Try Hards 27+9, with X Factor and Scrappers having a draw 16+0 and 18+0.

Winners in Red Division Mossies
Jim Hyland, Garry Wilson, Peter Hyland, Graham Abbott
Joint Winners in Blue Division: Somerset Seniors Drew with Lions Rams
Ian Grosser, Robert Leslie, Rodney Horne, Jeremy Kenny
Joint Winners in Blue Division: Lions Rams Drew with Somerset Seniors
Eddie Hann, John Shelton, Eddie Gybers, Richard North
Winners in White Division Jack Lane, Cameron Slope, Bradley Slope, Teddy Hamilton

 28th February 2024 by Ella Pietersma

This week the night owl bowlers had to contend with gusty winds so the results may be very varied. The night bowlers have been invited to enter a team as a fundraiser for the Flying Doctors this Sunday March 3rd with names in by 12.30pm. Please bring a plate of afternoon tea if you are coming. The wrong bias tin will be presented on this occasion. $5 green fees apply. There are only 2 weeks of competition for this season so see where your team stands on the ladder.

Touches tonight : Gary Wilson (Mossies) 3, Max Blacketer (Max’s Four ) 3, Graham Doyle (Bits & Pieces) 3, Peter Gregurke (Rotary) 4, Ian Grosser (Somerset Seniors) 4.

Winners this week :

Red Division : Bits & Pieces (Graham Watson, Graham Doyle, Jim Greenfield) defeated Maccas 28+6, other winners were Sparkies 28+2, Mossies 27+9, Jack Attack 27+3, Untouchables 26+1.
Blue Division: Rams (John Shelton, Paul Joiner, Richard North, Henny Gysbers) defeated Lions 29+19, other winners were Rotary 26+5, Somerset Seniors 26+2, Here 4 Beer 26+1.
White Division: Scrappers (Robin Thomas, Claire Roberts, David Thorneycroft, Phil Keatley) defeated Easy Beats 28+9, Gizzies Crew 27+4, Lions Roar 27+3, with four teams having a draw Wanna B DJ’S 16+0, Black Beetles 16+0, Try Hards 16+0, Miss Fitts 16+0.

Red Division winners
Graham Doyle, Jim Greenfield, graham Watson
Blue Division Winners
John Shelton, Henny Gysbers, Richard North, Paul Joiner
Winners in White Division
Robin Thomas, David Thorneycroft, Claire Roberts, Philip Keatley

Talk about bowling on a hot summers day.. the day was hot today and so was the night. One of those days when it stays hot all day, it certainly would have been good for bare foot bowling (which did happen) as long as the sunscreen was applied.
Touches tonight : Kylie Ross 4 (Gizzies Crew),  Karen Mitchell 3,(Gizzies Crew),  Braydn Reilly 3, (Here 4 Beer) , Geoff Lane (Somerset Legends) 4, Mick Pedler (Rovers) 3, Janet Watson (Birdies) 3, Ralph Domashenz (Lions Roar) 3, Ross Waren (JackAttack) 3, Alan Webster (Awesome Foursome) 3, John Cockrum (Untouchables) 3.

Winners this week :
Red Division : Rovers (Steve Skeer, Rodger Buckmaster, John Buhlmann, Mick Pedler) defeated Maccas 29+18, other winners were Mossies 28+7, Grand Hotel 28+3, Bits & Pieces 27+1, Jack Attack 26+2.
Blue Division: Rotary (Greg De Pamphilis, Peter Gregurke, Aaron Emonson, Ian Nitschke) defeated Rams 28+13, other winners were Acky’s Owls 27+4, Max’s Four 27+3, Somerset Seniors 16+0 .
White Division: Gizzies Crew (Kylie Ross, Paul Craig, Karen Mitchell, Margie Gysbers) defeated Scrappers 31+25, other winners were Black Beetles 29+15, Wanna B DJ’s 29+4, Miss Fitts 27+10, X Factor 27+4).

Winners in Red Division: Rovers
Steve Skeer, John Buhlmann, Roger Buckmaster, Mick Pedler
Winners in Blue Division: Rotary:
Peter Gregurke, Ian Nitcchke, Aaron Emonson, Greg DePamphilis
Winners in Red Division: Gizzies Crew
Paul Graig, Kyli Ross, Karen Mitchell, Margie Gysbers