Night Bowls

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Merle and Clive working hard at the trading table
Bill Chapman from Grand Hotel concentrating on delivering his bowl

Millicent Night Bowls Report 15/01/2020

This week 104 players took to the greens to participate in the Millicent Bowls Club night bowls competition, played on 3 greens over 12 ends in near perfect conditions.

Gen Tilley our Master of Ceremonies, wished one of our night bowlers Ted Hamilton a very happy 70th birthday.  He also gave a brief talk on the dumping of bowls on the green, which can damage the surface of the green, and asked bowler to please take care when delivering a bowl.

Touches for the night

Red Division: No player recorded 3 or more touches for the game.

Blue Division: Mike Bleby was on fire and recorded 5 touches for(Lions) and Robert Hyland for the (Mossies) had 4.

White Division: Richard North recorded 4 for (Lions), with Ted Hamilton the birthday boy for (Beanz) recorded 3 along with Stewie Pounsett for (Lions) also recording 3.

Winners for this week’s games:

Red Division: Grand Hotel, Jim Taylor, Bill Chapman, Chris Shepard and Jamie Veering defeated Awesome Foursome 29+8.  Other winning teams were Untouchables 29+3, Sparkies 28+15, Jack Attack 28+1 and Grand Ghosts 26+3.

Blue Division: Rotary, Toni Morrello, Brian Haines, Eddy Hann and Peter Altschwager defeating Birdies 28+1.  Other winners in this division were, Mossies 27+2,Sunnies 26+4, Somers Seniors 25+2, Max’s 4 on a forfeit 27+0

White Division: Gizzies Crew, Paul Craig, Karen Mitchell, Margie Gysbers ,Melita Knight defeating Scrappers 28+12.  Other winning teams were Beanz Team 27+3, Lions TBC 27+3 and Lions Rams 26+5.

Red Division: Grand Hotel
Chris Shepard, Jamie Veering, Bill Chapman and Jim Tayler
Blue Division, Rotary
Toni Morello, Peter Altschwager, Brian Haines and Eddy Hann
White Division: Gizzies Crew
Karen Mitchell, Margie Gysbers, Melita Knight and Paul Craig

Millicent Bowls Club Night Bowls Report 08/01/2020

Our first game for this year was played in perfect conditions, you could not have asked for a better night. It was nice to welcome all bowlers back at the start of this year. We were delighted to welcome Robert Leslie to his first night of bowls and it was also a delight to announce the engagement of Jamie Veering and Chris Shepherd.

There were a lot of touches tonight with Paul Whitford having 5 and Barbara Liecester with 4 were the leaders for the night.

It is also important that the game of bowls is available for all groups and gender to be able to play something together that all can enjoy both socially and a little bit of exercise for such a minimal cost.

A big thank you to the many club members who volunteer their time to make these events happen.  Volunteers man the bar,  sell raffle tickets, work in the kitchen, at the trading table and the office staff who organise the night.


RED DIVISION: Paul Whitford [Rovers] 5, Gavin Walker [Grand Ghosts] 3.

BLUE DIVISION: Barbara Leicester [Sunnies] 4, Brian Haines [Rotary] 3, Peter Johns 3, Paul Bosco 3, Wayne Clark [Try Hards] 3.

WHITE DIVISION: Jayden Williams [Bedford Butterflies] 3, Ted Hamilton ]Beanz Team] 3, Steve Forsthye 3, Steve Hyde 3, [X factor].


RED DIVISION: Rovers: [Mick Pedler, John Buhlmann, Paul Whitford, Roger Buckmaster] defeated The Untouchables 28 + 10.  Other winners were: Grand Ghosts 28+4. Maccas 28+2, Somerset Legends 26+5, Sparkies 25+1.

BLUE DIVISION: Sunnies [Bernie Bowman, Mary Bellinger, Barbara Leicester, Glen Tilley] defeated Mossies 28+10.  Other winners were: Liionns 27+7, Somery Seniors 27+6, Try Hards on a forfeit 27.

WHITE DIVISION: X Factor [Mark Skeer.  Steve Forsythe, Tony Wenzel,Steve Hyde] defeated Bits & Pieces 27+5.  Other winners were: Lion Rams 27+4, Gizzies Crew 27+2, Birdies 27 on a forfeit, Beanz Team 26+1.

Red Division, Rovers
Mick Pedler, Paul Whitford and John Buhlmann, With Roger Buckmaster missing
Blue Division, Sunnies
Glen Tilley,Burnie Bowman, Barbara Leicester and Mary Bellinger
White Division, X Factor
Steve Forsythe, Trevor Hyde, Mark Skeer and Tony Wenzel
Point as at the 8th January 2020
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The weather which had cooled down by 6pm brought out some great bowling tonight after the hot day and players loved the free BBQ.

A big thank you to the Lions Club for providing the van for the cooking of sausages, onions and Glenn Schapel and Carl Schapel for the cooking of the Hamburgers and Onions and of course for the big clean up of both Barbecues.

Thank you to all volunteers who help run this Night Owls Program whether it be in the bar, kitchen, office, trading table or just help out outside retrieving cans and bottles.

Touches tonight:

RED DIVISION: Paul Whitford (Rovers) 3, Bill Chapman (Grand Hotel) 3.

BLUE DIVISION: Robert Hyland (Mossies) 3, Mary Dawson (Birdies) 3, Barb Leicester (Sunnies) 4.

WHITE DIVISION: Nan Walker (Bits & Pieces) 3, Ian Slape (Beanz Team) 3, Clayton Wight (lions TBC) 3.

Winners tonight :

Red Division: Grand Ghosts (Gavin Walker, Graham Abbott, Terry Chant, Graham Fennell) defeated Awesome Foursome 27+2, other winners were Sparkies 26+10, Maccas 26+2, Jack Attack 26+1, Grand Hotel 26+1.

Blue Division: Great Northern Clams (David Wight, David Taylor, Cliff Lee, Peter Wight) defeated Rotary 29+19, other winners were Mossies 28+7, Sunnies 28+5, Try Hards 27+2.

White Division: Gizzies Crew (Melita Knight, Margie Gysberts, Paul Craig, Karen Mitchell) defeated the Lion Cubs 29+15,  with only one shot behind was the Beanz Team on 29+14, Lion Rams 28+11, Bedford Butterflies 28+11, Bits & Pieces 27+0 on a forfeit and Lions 27+0 also on a forfeit.

The Grand Ghosts
Terry Chant, Graham Fennell, Graham Abbott (absent) Gavin Walker
Great Northern Clams
Cliff Lee, David Taylor, David Wight, Peter Wight

Gizzies Crew
Margie Gysbers, Melita Knight, Karen Mitchell, Paul Craig


This week has seen lots of keen bowling and lots of touches this week as 7 players had 3 or more touches. Next week we will be having our free BBQ so please arrive early so that you can have your tea before play. This week saw a fill in announcer, thanks the humorous Bill Chapman for taking over from Glen Tilley. It was nice to see Esther Scudds back with us after her recent illness. We also say farewell to Tony Bitter as he is leaving Millicent shortly.

Thank you to all volunteers who help run this Night Owls Program whether it be in the bar, kitchen, office, trading table or just help out outside retrieving cans and bottles.

Touches tonight:

RED DIVISION: Ian Kuchel ((Jack Attack) 3, David Sharp (Somerset Legends) 3, Maureen McRobert (Maccas) 3.

BLUE DIVISION: Bernie Bowman (Sunnies) 3, Peter Wight (Great Northern Clams.)

WHITE DIVISION: Harry Atschwager with coaching from Coach Wayne Burris (3 touches) Keith Field (Bedford Butterflies) 4, Shaun Osmond (Bedford Butterflies) 3.

Winners tonight :

Red Division:  On “C” Infigin Energy Green winners tonight were The Untouchables (Barry Smith, David Reichelt, John Cockrum, Terry Barnes) defeating Awesome Foursome 28+5, other winners were Sparkies 28+12, Maccas 28+8, Jack Attack 27+6, Rovers 27+1.

Blue Division: On Somerset “B” Green winners tonight were the Mossies (Garth Baker, Robert Hyland, Colin Crane, Jim Hyland) defeating Rotary with the magnificent effort of 11 out of 12 ends 31+23, other winners were Somerset Seniors 29+10Birdies 28+10, Try Hards 28+10, Great Northern Clams 27+6.

White Division: On “A” Green winner tonight was the Lions TBC (Quentin Pietsch, Wally Lang, Ralph Domaschenz, Stewie Pounsett) defeating Gizzies Crew 29+5, other winners were Lion Cubs 28+11, Lion Rams 27+0, Bits & Pieces 25+6, X Factor 25+2.

Quentin Pietsch, Stewie Pounsett, Wally Lang, with Ralph Domaschenz missing
Terry Barnes, Barry Smith, David Reichelt, John Cockrum
Robert Hyland, Jim Hyland, Colin Crane, Garth Baker
One of our up and coming bowlers Harry Alstchwager winning a fruit tray well done Harry
Chris putting down a perfect bowl
Lion Malley putting down a great bowl