Night Bowls

See Ella Pietersma or ring 0417872317

Overall winners in White Division with a score of 360 points for the season
Bits and Pieces

Jim Greenfield, Nan Walker, Sue Skeer, Graham Watson

Sponsored by R & M Buckmaster Carpentry
Runners up in White Division with an over all score for the year
Lions Rams

Richard North, Paul Joiner,Ken Alwright, john Shelton
Sponsored by R & M Buckmaster Carpentry
Overall winners in Blue Division with a total score of 374 points
Great Northern Clams

David Wight, Peter Wight, David Taylor, Anthony D’Onghia
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Runners Up for Blue Division for the year
Try Hards with a score of 325 points

Graham Attiwell, Arnold Damhius, Peter Johns
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Overall Winners in Red Division
Rovers with an over all score of 355 points

Paul Whitford, Roger Buckmaster, Mick Pedler, John Buhlman
Sponsored by Lonergan & Muhovics
Overall Runners up in Red Division
Untouchables with an over all score of 351 points

Terry Barnes, David Reichelt, Barry Smith, John Cockrum
Sponsored by Lonergan & Muhovics
Most Touches for the year in White Division
Registered Bowler, Nan Walker,16 touches
Runner Up Rhonda Slape 22 Touches
Winner Wayne Hann with 26 touches

Sponsored by G.O & J.M Davis Carpentry
Blue Division Most Touches for the year
registered player Glen Tilley with 19 touches
Winner Bernie Bowman with 19 touches
Runner up Rob Hyland with 18 touches

Sponsored by G.O & J.M Davis Carpentry
Red Division Most Touches for the year
Winner David Sharp with 23 touches
Runner Up Ian Kuchel with 22 touches
Registered Bowler Frank Cooper with 22 touche
Sponsored by Millicent Scrap Metal
Overall Night Bowls Touches for all Divisions
Runner Up Paul Whitford with 26 touches
Overall winner Barb Leicester with a grand total of 27 touches
Registered Bowler Arnold Damhuis with 30 touches

Sponsored by Millicent Scrap Metal

Players who had touches of the jack on most nights for the season
White Division Graham Watson on 12 nights
Red Division Linda McRobert on 13 nights
Blue Division Garry Davis on 11 nights

Sponsored by Cool Moose Refrigeration
The Encouragement Award for White Division went to
Lions Cubs

Mally Buchanan, Keith Field, Peter Lane, Robert Dunn
Sponsored by Big Trev’s Gas & Plumbing
The Encouragement Award for Blue Division went to

Brian Haines, Tony Morrello, Peter Gergerce, Peter Alschwager
Sponsored by Big Trev’s Gas & Plumbing
The Encouragement Award for Red Division went to
Somerset Legends

David Sharp, Wilber Lane,Nipper Horne, Buggsy Ray,
Sponsored by Big Trev’s Gas and Plumbing
Norman Von Einem Memorial for most team touches went to
Grand Ghosts with 87 touches

Gavin Walker, Simon Cooper, Bernie Bowman, Terry Chant, Graham Abbott
Sponsored by Bernie Bowman and Family


Presentation Night

11/03/2020 by Ella Pietersma

What a fabulous year we have had and many bowlers have learnt some new skills and made new friends. As this season has closed and many received just rewards for the seasons effort eager players are reminded that you are invited to join the Thursday Competition which runs through the whole of winter (weather permitting) and names are to be put in by 12.30 pm.

Touches tonight:  Robin Thomas(Scrappers) 3, Rhonda Slape (Beanz Team) 4, Stewy Pounsett (Lions Roar) 3.

Winners tonight :  Being a Challenge Night were

On “A” Green (Hahn Green) with two rinks on the same score being the Sparkies who defeated the Awesome Foursome and Grand Ghosts defeating Grand Hotel both scoring 28+11, other winners were Beanz Team 27+10, Max’s Four 26+4, Sunnies 26+2, Great Northern Clams 26+0, Tant Tigers 24+7.

On “B” Green (Somerset Green) Lions Roar (their new name) defeated the Lion Cubs 29+16, other winners were Maccas 26+10, Jack Attack 26+4, Rotary 26+3, Scrappers 26+1, Rovers 25+2, Lions Rams finished with a draw against the Lions.

Best win for the night on Hahn Green
Sparkies with a score of 28+11
Best win for the night again on Hahn Green
Grand Hotel witha score of 28+11
Best win for the night on Somerset Green
Lions Roar
with a score of 29+16


by Ella Pietersma

Tonight is the last night of Competition before we have our Challenge Round, Presentation Night and the famous BBQ.

The year has flown past and here we are already at the end of the season. We were very fortunate to have not missed any nights due to bad weather although we did have a few chilly nights.

Touches tonight:

RED DIVISION: Simon Cooper (Grand Ghosts) 3, Gavin Walker (Grand Ghosts) 3, Will Wilmshurst (Jack Attack) 3

BLUE DIVISION: Garry Davis (Lions) 3, Jim Hyland (Mossies) 3, Barb Leicester (Sunnies) 3.

WHITE DIVISION: Sue Skeer (Bits & Pieces) 3, Robin Thomas (Scrappers) 3, Wayne Hann (Bedford Butterflies) 3, Shuan Osmond (Bedford Butterflies) 3.

Winners tonight :

Red Division: Tant Tigers (Jim Earl, Ned Walker, Ian Johnson, Mick Agnew) defeated Maccas 30+3, other winners Jack Attack 28+11, Somerset Legends 27+ 1, Grand Ghosts 27+7, Grand Hotel 26+3.

Blue Division: Sunnies (Ian Grosser, Stuart Craig, Phil Hunter, Martin Cameron) defeated the Mighty Mossies 29+16,  other winners were Great Northern Clams 28+23, Max’s Four 28+9, Try Hards 27+3.

White Division: Bedford Butterflies (Jayden Williams, Wayne Hann, Shaun Osmond, Philip Keatley) defeated the Scrappers 28+12, other winners were Lions Rams 27+5, Bits & Pieces 27 + 0, Beanz Team 26+6, Gizzies Crew 26+1.

Red Division Winners Tant Tigers
Mick Agenew, Ian Johnson, Jim Earl, Ned Walker
Winners in Blue Division Somery Seniors
Craig Stuart, Ian Grosser, Phil Hunter, Martin Cameron
Winners in White Division Bedford Butterflies
Shaun Osmond, Philip Keatley, Wayne Hann, Jayden Williams


26/02/2020 by Ella Pietersma

There is only one week left of competition and in some divisions there are only a few points separating the winners so there could be a few surprises.

This Sunday afternoon a fundraiser for The Royal Flying Doctors will be held.

Come along and have some fun for a worthy cause.

The Bits & Pieces Team managed to get two 7”s tonight which is a magnificent effort.

Touches tonight:

RED DIVISION: Ian Kuchel (Jack Attack) 3, Lynda McRobert (Maccas) 4, Paul Whitford (Rovers) 3.


WHITE DIVISION: Rhonda Slape (Beanz Team) 4.

Winners tonight :

Red Division: Maccas (Maureen McRobert, Lynda McRobert, Malcolm McRobert, Shorty McRobert) defeated Somerset Legends 30+16, Sparkies 28+13, Rovers 28+10, Jack Attack 27+9, Awesome Foursome 27+6.

Blue Division: Try Hards (Paul Bosco, Peter Johns, Arnold Damhuis, Graham Attiwell) defeated Lions 29+20, other winners were Somery Seniors 29+17,Rotary 27+1, Great Northern Clams 27 + 0  won on a forfeit, Birdies 25+1.

White Division: Lion Cubs (Peter Lane, Keith Field, Mallie Buchanan, Robert Dunn) defeated the Bedford Butterflies 27+13, other winners were Gizzies Crew 27+4, Lion Rams won on a forfeit 27+0, X Factor 25+2, Bits & Pieces 25+13.

Winners in Red Division, Maccas
Malcolm McRobert, Maureen McRobert, Shorty McRobert, Lynda McRober
Winners in Blue Division, Try Hards
Graham Attiwell, Paul Bosco, Peter Johns, Arnold Damhuis (absent)
Winners in White Division Lions Cubs
Mallie, Robert Dunn, Keith Field, Peter Lane
Recorded by David Botting


19/02/2020 by Ella Pietersma

The good nights of competition are continuing and as we now are getting to the last few weeks of this year’s play before we have our presentation night on the 11th March keep the touches coming and keep your eye on the ladder that David Botting keeps up to date and don’t forget to check the web site that Denis Clifford adds to each week your photo might be amongst them.

Touches tonight:

RED DIVISION: Rhonda Slape (Beanz Team) 4

BLUE DIVISION: Ian Grosser (Somery Seniors) 3

WHITE DIVISION: Malcolm Mc Robert (Maccas) 4

Winners tonight :

Red Division: Awesome Foursome (Dave Turner, Robbie Gordon, Mary Clifford, Alan Webster) defeated Jack Attack 30+10, other winners were Sparkies 27+9, Untouchables 27+5, Tant Tigers 27+9.

Blue Division: Birdies (Pam Packer, Janet Watson, Robin Rolfe, Mary Dawson) defeated the Sunnies 29+16, other winners were Max’s Four 29+4, Try Hards 28+12, Somery Seniors 26+4, Mossies 27+0 on a forfeit.

White Division: Beanz Team ( Ted Hamilton, Arthur Vernon, Cameron Slape, Rhonda Slape) defeated the Lions Rams 28+6, other winners were Gizzies Crew 28+4, Lions TBC 27+5, Scrappers 27+1, X Factor 27+0 on a fortfeit.

Red Division, Awsome Foursome
David Turner, Allan Webster, Robbie Gordon, Mary Clifford
Blue Division, Birdies
Pam Packer, Robin Rolfe, Janet Watson, Mary Dawson
White Division, Beanz Team
Ted Hamilton, Arthur Vernon, Cameron Slape, Ronda Slape