Night Bowls

See Ella Pietersma or ring 0417872317


WEDNESDAY September 4th  10.00am

PRESENT: David Botting, Lindsay Warneke, Robert Chambers, Helen O’Connell, Arthur O’Connell, Derk Pietersma, Ella Pietersma.


GENERAL BUSINESS:        Night Bowls starting date: Wednesday October 14th

Pre Christmas Break-up December Wednesday  Dec 18th with BBQ.
Resuming on Wednesday January 8th
Presentation and BBQ and break up Wed 11th March

FEES:  After discussion at the AGM it was decided to leave weekly fees of $3 per member and $10 registration for non bowling members the same as it has been for the last few years.

Kitchen and Bar Staff organised? Social Committee to organise
Helen O’Connell, Lurlene Reinders, (Faye Hill) casual, one more still needed.
David Botting with the help of Lindsay to continue scoring and weekly draws?
Coopers Clams now Light Northern Clams.
Team responses : all 30 teams have responded and will receive a welcome letter shortly.
Any changes? Rule 10 and 12?- No
Prizes and trophies? Any changes needed. Secretary Sarah to order 200 biros.
Advertising to Commence 18th September in SE Times.
Shop Posters to be put soon as possible.
RSA Course to be held on Wednesday 25th September for all Bar Staff.
Meeting closed at 11am. Next Meeting to be advised.
Ella Pietersma (Night Owls Co-Ordinator)

A Few of the Night Bowls starting up for Season 2020/21

The Club is looking for Just one more team to avoid a buy in one division. If anyone can arrange this please contact the bowls club. Thank you.

Chrissie and Jamie
Tony and Roger
John and Allan
Mary, Sharon, Robin and Janet