Open 2-4-2

Important Notice To All Millicent Bowlers

Please bring evidence of your COVID Vaccination, for you to be crossed off the list and eligible to play Pennants in 2022


The Millicent Bowling Club holds this competition every Thursday all year, when weather permits and no other tournaments are on. Visitors are most welcome, just ring the club and have your names in before 12-30pm, with play starting at 1-00pm.

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2 played 20th January

This week in very, very, warm conditions reaching 35 degrees centigrade, 24 members went out to play 20 ends of Lawn Bowls.
The winning team with a score of 34+14 was the team of David Nuske and Neil Whelan.  Runners- up for the day were David Botting and Derk Pietersma with a score of 31+19.
Other winning teams were, Terry Lonergan, Peter Scanlon 31+2. Malcolm Wright, Steve Carnellor 31+11. Joy Warren, Eddie Hann 30+1 and Ross Warren, Derrick Lindh 29+1.

The winning pair, David Nuske and Neil Whelan

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2 played 13th January 2022

This week 39 players came out to play the game of 2-4-2.  Before going on to the green President Peter Hyland welcomed 3 night bowlers, Philip Keatley, Nigel Ross and Garry Wilson.
In first place with a score of 34+20 shots up was the team of David Nuske and Andre Reinders taking home $39.00. Second place with a score of 33+16 was Terry Lonergan and Bryan Roper winning a $5.00 bar voucher.

Other winning teams for the day were Peter Bateman, Neil Whelan 32+8. Nigel Ross, Derk Pietersma 31+8. A triple of Philip Keatley, Del Parsons and David Crase with a score of 31+7. A second triple of Garry Wilson, Carlene Godden and Peter Dunncliff 31+6. Robert Radley, Denis Clifford 30+1. Derrick Lindh, Derek Bowering 29+6 and Sam Schofield, Peter Varcoe 29+3.  

The winning pair, Andre Reinders and David Nuske
Runners Up for the day, Bryan Roper and Terry Lonergan

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2  6th January 2022

This week the field was much better than the previous week when only 18 players took part in the game.  This week 36 players enjoyed 20 ends of bowls with the rain holding off until players were packing up and then down it came in very large drops.  We were very lucky!
The winning team for this week and the first for 2022 was Peter Dunnicliff and Kym Stewart finishing the game with a score of 36+18 and taking home $36.00 each.  Coming in second with a score of 35+16 was the team of Ian Ross and Neil Whelan receiving a $5.00 bar voucher each.
Other winning teams for the day were, Jim Campbell, John Scudds 33+10. Denis Clifford, Eddie Hann 32+11. Joy Warren, Aaron Emonson 32+3. Peter Hyland, Iain Campbell 31+14. Arthur O’Connell, Steve Carnellor 31+2. Robert Radley, Jan Buhlmann 31+2. Ross Warren, Rod Gibbs 30+2.
All bowlers in the South East are reminded of the up and coming Herb Henderson Men’s Fours being played on the 26th January in Millicent.  If you would like to enter a team please give Peter Hyland, our Club President, a ring as he would be very pleased to hear from you.  

The winning pair, Peter Dunnicliff and Kym Stewart
Runners Up for the day, Neil Whelan and Ian Ross

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2  30th December 2021

This weeks 2-4-2 saw the smallest field for the year playing in very hot condition. 18 players took part in the game but before going out all players met with Secretary Sarah to have their names registered on Bowls Link to allow them to play Pennants in January.  All Pennant players must be registered before the first Pennant game in 2022.  This applies to all genders.
The winning pair for this week was. David Reichelt and David Botting  with a score of 32+12.  Runners- up for the day were to Neil Whelan and Robert Radley with a score of 32+4.
Other winning teams were a triple of Derek Bowering, Peter Bateman, Jim Campbell with a score of 30+11 and Steve Carnellor, Eddie Hann 30+10.
Players are reminded of the coming events.  The Men’s Championship Singles on the 8th January, Men’s and Ladies’ Fours on the 15th January, Championship Pairs on the 22nd of January and the Herb Henderson Men’s Fours on Australia Day 26th January 2022.    

Winners for the day, David Reichelt and David Botting
Runners Up Robert Radley and Neil Whelan