Open 2-4-2

The Millicent Bowling Club holds this competition every Thursday all year, when weather permits and no other tournaments are on. Visitors are most welcome, just ring the club and have your names in before 12.30pm, with play starting at 1.00pm.

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2, Played 1st October 2020

This Thursday was a perfect day for a game of 2-4-2 bowls with 48 players going out to play the game over 20 ends, a far cry from last Thursday where the game was called off due to heavy rain.
This week saw some very high scores with the winning team of Robert Atkinson and Steve Carnellor only losing 4 of the 20 ends. With a score of 36+15 coming in second with a score of 34+22 was Peter Dunicliff and Rod Gibbs. Other winning teams were, Lorraine Hyland, Iain Campbell 34+14. Eddie Hann, Neil Whelan 33+4. Ian Kuchel, Aaron Emonson 32+11. Malcom Wright, Brian Roper 32+8. Faye Hill, Peter Varcoe 31+4. Adriana Ross, Wayne Burris 31+4. Andy Kramer, David Reichelt 31+1.
Graham Parsons, Ian Ross 30+8. Margaret Fennell Peter Hyland 30+7 and Robyn Rolfe,  Terry Barnes 30+5.
On Sunday the 4th October there will be Pennant practice with a BBQ to follow and on  Sunday the 11th October there is a  Mixed Pairs day and on Thursday the 15th of October Nutrien Ag/Banner Mens’ Fours starting at 9-30am. 

Winners on the day, Robert Atkinson, Steve Carnellor
Runners Up for the day, Peter Dunnicliff, Rod Gibbs