Open 2-4-2

The Millicent Bowling Club holds this competition every Thursday all year, when weather permits and no other tournaments are on. Visitors are most welcome, just ring the club and have your names in before 12.30pm, with play starting at 1.00pm.

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2 Played 30th July 2020

This week’s 2-4-2 saw 39 players  play in perfect weather with no wind to sometimes change the direction of the bowl as it is heading towards the jack. Once again we saw some very good scores from the 20 ends played.

This week because of the 39 players in the field, there were two teams of triples, and  they were paired against each.

The results for the day were:
The winning team was the team of Adriana Ross and John Buhlmann with a score of 36+31. What a week Andriana Ross has had as the day before the 2-4-2 she played in the Ladies Championship Fours and her team came out winning this event also.  Well done to her and her team.

Other winning rinks for the day were a triple of Arthur O’Connell, Garth Baker and Brian Roper(skip) 34+22, Carlene Godden, Bill Burdon 34+15, Sam Schofield, Sarah Ross 32+15, Robert Atkinson, Denis Clifford 32+5, Lorraine Hyland, Wayne Burris 31+3, David Reichelt, John Scudds 30+5 and a draw between Peter Hyland and Peter Varcoe and Eddie Hann and Neil Whelan. There was also a second draw between Colin Lomas, Iain Campbell and Peter Dunnicliff, Derk Pietersma  

John Buhlmann and Adriana Ross winning skiper of the Ladies championship fours and winner of this weeks 2-4-2 in the same week well done Adriana
Concentrating hard is John Drew and Gavin Rowe from Kalangadoo
Frank Cooper and Graham Loveday having a good look at the head

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2

 23th July 2020

For this week’s 2-4-2  the numbers were down slightly with 34 players registering to play and once again 2 teams of triples taking part in the game.

The winning team this week with a score of 34+22 was the rink of Garth Baker and Carl Schapel.  In second place with a score of 33+13, was one of the winning pair from last week Derek Bowering this week playing with Wayne Burris and coming in with a score of 33+13.

Other winning teams were – Robert Atkinson, David Reichelt 32+13, a triple of John Eldridge, Andy Kramer Peter Hyland 32+14, Colin Lomas, Brian Roper 31+7, Frank Cooper, Steve Carnellor 31+7, Graham Loveday, Andrea Radley 31+7 and Arthur O’Connell and Carlene Godden 30+4.

Also a reminder that the Annual General Meeting  to be held on the 5th of August at 1-00pm in the club rooms.   

The winning team for this week
Carl Schapel and Garth Baker
Robert Radley and Carlene Godden
enjoying the game
Rob Chambers putting down a bowls
with Arthur O’Connell having a chat to our chief gardener Lorraine Lomas
David Botting and Robert Atkinson
concentrating on the game

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2, 16th July 2020

42 players this week came together at the Millicent bowls club to play the game of 2-4-2.  Because of the odd number 2 teams of triples were required.

Due to perfect weather conditions there were some great scores. Tournament director Derek Bowering welcomed three players from Kalangadoo Bowls Club.

The winning team  for the day with a score of 36+30 only losing 4 of the 20 ends was the team of Derek Bowering and Steve Carnellor, closely followed as runners up by Arthur O’Connell and Bill Burdon also only losing 4 of the 20 ends with a score of 36+20.

Other winning teams were Rob Chambers, David Reichelt 32+17. Peter Bateman, Robert Radley 32+1. Graham Loveday, Gavin Rowe 32+11. Carlene Godden, Terry Barnes 32+7. Colin Lomas, Derk Pietersma 31+6. A triple, Esther Scudds, John Eldridge, Andrea Radley 30+11. Garth Baker, Brian Roper 30+5. and Ian Ross, Wayne Burris 28+11.

President of the Millicent Bowls Club, Andrea Radley, said she is very pleased with the way all players are abiding by the social distancing rules and following all the requirements set down by signing in when entering the club room for the first time on the day, using hand sanitiser, and only having 4 players at a table before and after the game.  When there is a triple in the team, 5 are allowed to sit at the table but must move the chairs to have the correct distance between all occupants.   

The winning team
Derek Bowering and Steve Carnellor
Peter Varcoe giving instructions with Derk Pietersma watching on
Ian Ross and Aaron Emonson concentrating on the game
Iain Campbell delivering another perfect bowl

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2 9 July 2020

This week 29 players took part in the 2-4-2 game with one new bowler, Peter Dunnicliff, joining the group.  It is great to have new players come along and have a try out playing the 2-4-2 game.  All new players are very welcome, the only requirement is that flat shoes must be worn.  The club also has sets of bowls that can be used on the day.

Tournament Director, Derek Bowering,  announced before the game that the Millicent Bowls Club Annual General Meeting would be held on the 5th of August at 1-00pm in the club rooms.  Please attend this important meeting if possible.

Results for the day saw one of our junior players, Will Whimshurst, paired with Past President Derk Pietersma,  win the day with a score of 34+12. Second was the team of Jim Godden and John Scudds with a score of 33+7.

Other winning teams were, Mary Campbell, Bill Burdon32+16, Mary Clifford, David Reichelt 31+7, Robert Radley, Terry Barnes 31+1, Andre Reinders,  Wayne Burris 30+1 and Garth Baker, Sarah Ross 29+11.

Social distancing is still being practiced at the club.  All members see this as  very important.

Winning team for this week
Derk Pietersma and Will Whimhurst

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2 Played 2 July 2020

The Millicent Bowls Club members faced a bleak winter’s day to play 2-4-2 this week.  The game had to be stopped twice during the 20 ends because of rain but all 26 players soldiered on to complete the game

Because of the odd number of players, 2 teams of triples had to play against two pairs, with the triple teams, lead and second playing 3 bowls each and the skip playing 2 bowls.

Winning teams for this week were: Frank Cooper and Terry Barnes 35+23. Runners up for the day were Eddie Hann and Carlene Godden 33+4.

Other winning rinks were, Garry Wilson, Sarah Ross 33+11, Arthur O’Connell, Peter Varcoe, 33+7, Graham Loveday, Bill Burdon 32+12 and one of the  triples teams, Colin Lomas, David Reichelt and Skip Wayne Burris 31+3.  

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2 played 25th June 2020

The Millicent Bowls Club for the first time since March, has opened its doors to members to be able to play 2-4-2.  Social distancing took place as there are only 2 players at each end of the rink in a 2-4-2 game, so 4 square meters is easily achieved.  The teams were spread out over 2 greens with a rink separating each game.  No hand shaking took place and players were separated in the club room before and after the game.  It was great to be back on the greens.

28 players took part in the game taking up 7 rinks or 14 with social distancing. The results for the day saw the rink of Mary Clifford and David Botting coming in with a score of 36+24, second place was the rink of Eddie Hann  and Wayne Burris 35+19.  Other winning rinks were Denis Clifford, Peter Varcoe 32+7, Malcom Wright, Lyn Scudds 31+16, Ian Kuchel, Bill Burdon 31+4, Peter Hyland, David Reichelt 30+2 and Arthur O’Connell, John Scudds 29+1.

No photos were taken this week due to social distancing.