Open 2-4-2

The Millicent Bowling Club holds this competition every Thursday all year, when weather permits and no other tournaments are on. Visitors are most welcome, just ring the club and have your names in before 12.30pm, with play starting at 1.00pm.

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2 is cancelled until further notice due to the Coronavirus, as directed by the Millicent Bowls Club Board

Millicent Bowling Club Weekly 2-4-2 played 12th March 2020

This week, numbers were down for the 2-4-2 game.  With the temperature hovering around 33C, 24 players went out to play.  Winning the day with a score of 34+21 was the rink of Eddie Hann  and David Reichelt, in second place with a score of 33+19 was Malcolm Wright and Bill Burdon.

Other winning teams were Chris Earl, Peter Bateman 31+13, Ray Doecke, Rob Chambers 31+7, Ian Kuchel, Peter Varcoe 30+10 and Arthur O’Connell, Neil Whelan 29+4

There will be a very important meeting  held next Thursday after the 2-4-2 game to select our Open Pennant selectors for next season and other important business on the agenda.   

Runners Up Malcolm Wright, Bill Burdon, Winners David Reichelt, Eddie Hann

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2 played 5th March 2020

This week 32 players took part in the 2-4-2 competition in near perfect conditions. Eight rinks were used, playing 4 on A Green and 4 on B Green.

Winners for the day with a great score of 37+36 only losing 3 of the 20 ends was David Nuske and Peter Varcoe.  In second place with a score of 34+12 was Heather Carthew and Frank Cooper.

Other winning rinks for the day were, Terry Barnes, Peter Rice 32+14, Jim Earl, Peter Scanlon 32+4, Malcolm McRobert, David Reichelt 32+2, Ian Kuchel, Alan Correll 31+6, Sam Schofield, John Drew 30+5 and Derek Bowering, Neil Whelan 29+1.

Winning Pair
David Nuske and Peter Varcoe
Runners Up
Heather Carthew and Frank Cooper

Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2 27th February 2020

In cool breezy conditions this week 24 players took part in the 2-4-2 competition giving some of the bowlers good practice for the up and coming pennant finals now in progress with Division 2 and Division 4 playing off. 

This week, in first place was the rink of David Nuske and Malcolm Wright with a score of 34+11.  In second place with a score of 32+13 was the rink of Sam Schofield and Andre Reinder.  For the second week Andre has finished in second place unable to quite get over the line for first place with a score of 32+13.

Other winning rinks were, Ray Doecke, Colin Pye 32+7, Garry Wilson, Wayne Burris 31+16, David Botting, Eddy Hann 31+1 and Garth Baker, Terry Barnes 29+4

David Nuske, Malcolm Wright
Runners Up
Sam Schoflied and Andre Reinders