2020 Champions

Men’s championships

Bryan Roper- Men’s champion
John Scudds – Runner up
Champ Pairs: John Scudds and John Drew.
Runners up: Wayne Burris and Malcolm Wright

Photo unavailable of our triple winners
Triple winners: Iain Campbell/Rod Gibbs/John Buhlmann
Runners up: Glen Tilley/Robert Atkinson/Peter Hyland

Champ 4s: Peter Scanlon/Steve Carnellor/John Buhlmann/Bill Davis
Runners up: awaiting information

Women’s championships

Ladies Singles Champion: Lyn Scudds
Runner up: Ros Varcoe
Champions Ladies Pairs: Dell Parsons and Mary Clifford
Runners up were Andrea Radley and Shirley Thiele
Ladies Champion Triples
Ella Pietersma, Mary Campbell, Lyn Scudds

Runners Up
Del Parsons, Mary Clifford, Adriana Ross
Ladies Handicap Pairs Champions
Mary Campbell Lyn Scudds

Ladies Veterans Singles
Runner up Rosslyn Varcoe, Winner Heather Carthew