Here are the people who volunteered to keep our club in good stead for the 2020/21 year and as chosen at the AGM on Wednesday 5th August 2020.

President: Peter Hyland
Male VP: Steve Carnellor
Female VP: Andrea Radley
Secretary: Sarah Ross
Treasurer: Malcolm Wright
Board members: Rod Gibbs, Arthur O’Connell, Denis Clifford
Bar Manager: Arthur O’Connell
Woman Selectors: Ella Pietersma(chair), Mary Clifford, Del Parsons
Men Selectors: Iain Campbell (chair), Aaron Emonson, Peter Varcoe, Andrea Radley

Tournament committee: Derek Bowering, Lyn Scudds, David Reichelt, Sarah Ross

Catering committee: Lorraine Hyland, Tina Erikson, Peter Hyland, Adriana Ross, Mary Clifford, Shirley Theile, Liz Carnellor, Carol Gibbs, David Reichelt

Greens director: Rod Gibbs
Greens committee: Neil Whelan, Peter Hyland, Eddie Hann, Chris Earl, Sam Schofield

House Chairman: Rod Gibbs

Night owls: Ella Pietersma

Umpires Director: John Scudds

Finance sub-committee: President Peter Hyland, Secretary Sarah Ross, Treasurer Malcolm Wright, Men’s VP Steve Carnellor, Women’s VP Andrea Radley, David Crase

Publicity Officer: Denis Clifford

Webmaster: John Drew

Delegates to LSEBA: Peter Hyland, Steve Carnellor

Auditor: Brad Tilley

Brad has offered his services as auditor as a major sponsor of the club. It was resolved to rename the “A” green as “Brad Tilley” Green