Here are the people who volunteered to keep our club in good stead for the 2022/23 year and as elected at the AGM on Wednesday 27th April 2022.

Our Board

President: Peter Hyland
Secretary: Sarah Ross
Treasurer: David Nuske
Vice Presidents: Steve Carnellor and Lorraine Hyland
Board Members: Rod Gibbs, Arthur O’Connell, Denis Clifford, Andrea Radley

Tournament Director: Derk Pietersma
Tournament Committee: Aaron Emonson, Glen Tilley, Robert Radley, Mary Campbell, Faye Hill, Robin Rolfe

Night Bowls: Ella Pietersma, Derk Pietersma, Jim Earl, David Botting, Chris Earl, Denis Clifford

Social Fund Raising and Catering: Liz Carnellor, Lurlene Reinders, Joy Warren, Andrea Radley.

Grounds Sub Committee: Rod Gibbs, Eddy Hann, Lurlene Reinders

Finance Sub Committee: President, Male and Female Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer. Malcolm Wright 1 year term. 

Portfolio Positions: 1 year Term: House Chairman- Rod Gibbs. Bar Manager- Arthur O’Connell. Umpires Director- Sarah Ross(helper). Club Coach- Aaron Emonson. Publicity Officer- Denis Clifford, Webmaster- John Drew

Auditor: All In Balance- Brad Tilley