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Millicent Landmark/Banner Mitre 10 Mens Fours

Played on the Thursday 17th October, 12 teams hit the greens and braved the cold conditions for a great day of socialising and bowls. The day consisted of 3 games of 12 ends with round winners and overall winners being awarded. We had 5 visiting teams from, Mount Gambier, 2 teams from Kingston, 2 teams from Mount Gambier RSL and teams from Millicent made up the rest of the field.

1st Round Winners Millicent’s: Aaron Emonson, Robert Radley, Frank Cooper and Robbie Chambers
2nd Round Winners Mt Gambier RSL’s: Andy Ashby, Ron Edlington, Graham Smith and Harry Childs
3rd Round Winners Millicent’s: Ian Ross, John Buhlman, Bill Davis and Arthur O’Connell

Equal 3rd Overall Mt Gambier RSL’s: John Schroder, Graham Ellis, John Robinson and Ian MacIntosh
Equal 3rd Overall Millicent’s: Bryan Roper, Andre Reinders, Chris Earl and David Reichelt
Runners Up Kingston’s: John Menz, Colin Pink, Mike Rivett and Geoff Beams.
Overall Winners Mt Gambier’s: Brad Errock, Bob Cranwell, Steve Farrell and Tim Radley.

1st Game Winners
Aaron Emonson, Robert Radley,
Robbie Chambers and Frank Cooper
2nd Game Winners
Harry Childs, Ron Edlington,
Andy Ashby and Graham Smith
3rd Game Winners
Arthur O’Connell, Ian Ross,
Bill Davis and John Buhlmann
Equal 3rd
Ian MacIntosh, John Schroder,
Graham Ellis and John Robinson
Equal 3rd
Chris Earl, David Reichelt,
Andre Reinders and Bryan Roper
Runners Up
Geoff Beams, John Menze,
Colin Pink and Mike Rivett
Winners of the Day
Sponsor Richard North, Tim Radley, Steve Farrell, Bob Cranwell and Brad Errock

Scudds/Earl Day 29th September 2019 at Millicent

Today saw our friends from the Mount Gambier RSL Bowling Club travel to Millicent to compete in the annual Scudds/Earl Shield. This is a competitive pennant practice that is held every year between the Men’s pennant teams and the Ladies Pennant teams, to honour Millicent’s Robert Scudds and Mt Gambier RSL’s Reg Earl, who were the instigators of this day. 56 bowlers hit the green, and even though numbers are down on previous years, it was played in good spirits, sportsmanship and fun.

Yet again Mt Gambier RSL won the shield with a total of 379 shots to Millicent’s 305 and really the score doesn’t reflect the great games that were played.

J.Scudds presents RSL’s
N. Tobin with thee shield.

Winning Rink Mt Gambier RSL were:
Men – R. Edlington – skip, R. Milligan – third, L, Franklin – second,
C. McShane – lead                    35-12
Ladies – K. Franklin – skip, J. Bowering – third, N. Wilson – second,
S. Gifford – lead                      33-21

Winning Rink for Millicent were:
Men – J. Drew – skip, W. Burris – third, E. Hann – second,
R. Chambers – lead                                33-21
Ladies – C. Godden – skip, M. Clifford – third, M. Johnson – second,
R. Varcoe – lead                    32-11

Other Winners:
Mt Gambier RSL Men:

  • J. Sphere – skip, D. O’Donell – third, R. Cook – second,
    B. Winter – lead                                       22-18
  • A. McIntyre – skip, M. Williamson – third, H. Childs – second,
    R. Heeseman – lead                   31-12
  • N. Tobin – skip, M. Foy – third, S. Bowering – second,
    S. Attiwill – lead                                       36-13
  • G. Whitehead – skip, G. Smith – third, J. Robinson – second,
    R. Fallaize – lead                         29-19
  • D Mouldon – skip, L. Moulden – third, M. Snilth – second,
    L. Beck – lead                                     27-19

Millicent Men

  • I. Campbell – skip, A. Emonson – third, T. Barnes – second,
    D. Pietersma – lead                       24-19
  • B. Burden – skip, D. Reichelt – third, F. Cooper – second,
    C. Earl – lead                                     28-19
  • B. Roper – skip, R. Gibbs – third, S. Carnellor – second,
    W. Ross – lead                                     21-20

Mt Gambier RSL Ladies

  • V. Opie – skip, J. Waugh/S. McInyre – third, B. Messenger – second,
    F. Roachock – lead       29-22
  • L. Chirgwin – skip, H. Moulden – third, J. Forster – second,
    K. McIntosh – lead                          20-16

Millicent Ladies

  • S. Ross – skip, J. Vanderhorst – third, D. Bellman – second,
    F. Hill – lead                                   28-22
Winning RSL Men’s Rink
L. Franklin, C. McShane, R. Milligan,
R. Edlington
Winning RSL Ladies Rink
S. Gifford, N. Wilson, J. Bowering,
K. Franklin
Winning Millicent Men’s Rink
J. Drew, W. Burris, E. Hann,
R. Chambers
Winning Millicent Ladies Rink
R. Varcoe, M. Johnson, M. Clifford,
C. Godden

Men’s Handicap Singles

The men’s handicap singles were held on Sunday 15th September in beautiful conditions, with a field of 18 entering. Rain, thunder and lightning delayed the games periodically through out the day, but the temperature stayed warm and rounds 1,2 and the Semi-finals were able to be completed. There were some close matches despite the handicaps and the quality of bowls were fantastic.

Results for the day:
Round 1: B.Roper(0) def R.Radley(8) 20-16, C.Earl(10) def I.Ross(6)
25-22 F.Cooper(10) def S.Schofield(12) 32-24, J.Buhlmann(2) def D.Botting(8) 26-20
Round 2: B.Roper(0) def C. Earl(10) 29-13, F.Cooper(10) def J.Buhlmann(2) 27-12, A.O’Connell(10) def P.Varcoe(6) 33-28,
D.Reichelt(8) def D.Pietersma(4) 26-18, R.Gibbs(4) def N.Whelen(4)
24-23, G.Tilley(8) def M.Wright(10) 29-22, J.Scudds(4) def A.Emerson(6) 24-17, W.Ross(6) def R.Chambers(10) 27-20
Semi Finals: W.Ross(6) def F.Cooper(10) 30-19, J.Scudds(4) def G.Tilley(8) 28-22, B.Roper(0) def R.Gibbs(4) 27-14, D.Reichelt(8) def A.O’Connell(10) 29-26

The Prelim finals are scheduled for Saturday 21st September at 10.00am. With Pennant practice to follow. The match ups are:

Wayne Ross(6) V John Scudds(4)
David Reichelt(8) V Bryan Roper(0)

Please come along and support these bowlers, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!!

Club opening 8th September 2019/20

The Millicent Bowling Club held their Open Day on Sunday 8th September. The day started with a minute silence to remember members that have passed then the Wattle Range Mayor Des Noll was invited to open the 19/20 bowling season. He complimented club members for the immaculate looking grounds and congratulated the clubs first female president Andrea Radley. He mentioned how important the club is to the community by keeping the senior members active and giving families and friends a great place to socialise with the clubs Night Owls season that runs from October to March. Everyone then ventured out onto the green to watch the clubs female singles champion, Carlene Godden, lay the matt and roll the first kitty then the mens singles champion, Bryan Roper, bowl the first bowl for the season. Then out of the 42 members that attended, 38 braved the cold windy conditions for a quick 10 end game of fours then a cuppa and some afternoon tea to finish the day. Overall winners for the day were the team of Wayne Burris, Wayne Ross, Arthur O’Connell and Judy Lowe and Runners up were Iain Campbell, Sarah Ross, Andrea Radley and Chris Earl.

Wattle Range Mayor Des Noll, Carlene Godden, Andrea Radley & Bryan Roper

Success for Millicent Bowling Club

Millicent Bowlers have had great success this 2018/19 season.
Starting off with the Open division 2 team coming runner up at their Grand Final at Robe on the 2nd March 2019. Then the Ladies division 1 blue side winning their Pennant Grand Final at Beachport on 22nd March 2019, the first in 14 years for the club.

Ladies Div 1 Pennant Winners
Back: Dell Parsons, Carol Gibbs, Ella Pietersma, Dawn Bellman, Adriana Ross.
Front: Judy Vanderhorst, Merle Stevens, Reserve Maureen Elton, Mary Clifford.
Open Div 2 Grand Final Runner Up
Back: Andre Reinders, John Buhlmann, Glen Tilley, Peter Varcoe,John Drew, Steve Carnellor, David Reichelt.
Front: David Crase, Mary Clifford, Ros Varcoe, Andrea Radley, Carleen Godden, Reserve Peter Hyland.

To follow that, Andrea Radley and Sarah Ross then went onto represent the S.E Region at the Country Round Robin Carnival held a Payhnam Bowling Club in Adelaide from 2nd April – 5th April 2019. They, along with 15 other female bowlers from around the region, came home with an outstanding win, sweeping the competition 7 wins out of 7!   Go Region 1!!

To end the season off, the club Men’s Single’s Champion, Bryan Roper, and the club Ladies Four’s champions, Dell Parsons, Heather Carthew, Ella Pietersma and Dawn Bellman, won their respective LSEBA Champion of Champions events to progress the S.E Region Champion of Champions event. Both won their games to become the Region 1 Champion of Champions. Bryan had a great game against the Upper South East’s champion D. Lack 25-15, while the Ladies had a nail biter against their opponents winning on the last bowl of the last end 17-14. This allowed them to compete in a brand new competition held at Encounter Bay Bowling Club on 17th, 18th and 19th May 2019. The new comp brought together all the Champion of Champions from all 8 country regions in South Australia to compete for their respective titles, singles, pairs and fours, and an overall shield in sectional play with the finals being knockout. Bryan came home Runner Up to the York Peninsula’s champion, and the Ladies came home with a win against a composite team from the Fleurieu/Kangaroo Island region, making them the country regions champion fours. Those efforts along with the other S.E Regions teams helped them win the overall shield making Region 1 the SA Country Regions Champion of Champions.

Country Regions Runner Up Singles
Bryan Roper
Country Regions Champion Fours
Dawn Bellman, Ella Pietersma,
Heather Carthew, Dell Parsons.