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Club AGM: Wednesday 24th April 7:00PM

Champion of Champions Singles

Millicent was well represented by Carleen Godden and Bryan Roper on Sunday at the Mt Gambier RSL Bowling Club Greens. 
Bryan Roper took out the Champion of Champions Final in spectacular fashion.  After being behind 17 shots to 24 in the 25-up decider he won the next eight shots mostly one at a time to clinch the title with his last bowl which was a well-directed up shot to remove the Dean Wilkinson shot bowl.

Ladies Handicap Pairs

The Ladies Handicap Pairs Championship was held today 20th February 2019 with a field of 8 pairs vying for the title.
Competition started at 9am with some great bowls played as teams either tried to hold onto their handicap lead or peg bag their opposition in a cut throat 12 ends!

1st Round: C.Gibbs/R.Varcoe (H/C 4) def M.Fennell/R. Rolfe (H/C 7) 22-11, D.Parsons/M.Clifford (H/C 4) def C.Goddon/M.Campbell (H/C 3) 15-10, M.Elton/M. Johnson (H/C 8) def S.Ross/H.Carthew (H/C 2) 16-12, A.Radley/E. Pietersma (H/C 4) def A.Ross/T.Eriksen (H/C 8) 24-16
Prelim: D.Parsons/M.Clifford def C.Gibbs/R.Varcoe 18-10, M.Elton/M.Johnson def A.Radley/E.Pietersma 15-14

The Grand Final was between Dell Parsons & Mary Clifford and Maureen Elton & Margaret Johnson. With a head start of 8-4 Elton & Johnson’s way, Parsons & Clifford had a task to peg back the veterans with only 15 ends to do so. Elton & Johnson looked to be tough to beat with the pair winning the first two ends, but then Parsons & Clifford knuckled down to win the next 6 ends to be 3 shots up on the 9th, but Elton & Johnson won the next end with a 3 to level the scores. The game looked like it was going to be a close one with Elton/Johnson winning the next end by 1 shot, then Parsons/Clifford answering with 2 shots to put them up 15-14 on the 12th end and 3 ends to play. Parsons & Clifford then pulled away in the next 2 ends with a 2 then a 3 and they were 6 up going into the last end. With a nearly impossible task before them Elton & Johnson put in some really great bowls in the final end, but could only muster a 2 and Parsons & Clifford claimed the title. Final Score 20-16

WinnersDell Parsons & Mary Clifford
Runners Up – Margaret Johnson & Maureen Elton

Mens Singles Championship

The Mens singles final was played today 10th February 2019. Conditions were perfect and a decent crowd had gathered to watch the battle between Bryan ‘Wallet Wizard’ Roper and John ‘Dusty’ Buhlmann.
The old saying “the scorecard doesn’t reflect the game” was true today as the quality of bowls was exceptional during the match. Roper was the first to score 2 on the first end, but Buhlmann answered with a quick 3 on the second. Then Roper pulled away to lead by 5, while Buhlmann struggled to score. Finally Buhlmann won an end with 1 shot only to have Roper win the next! Buhlmann then held Roper to mainly singles for the next four ends until he won another end. With the score being 13-5 by now Buhlmann found it hard to peg the young gun back as Roper won the next 6 out of 7 ends. Bullmann only managed to score 1 and on the next end was holding a beautiful shot a couple of inches away from the kitty, but with a slightly heavy bowl, Buhlmann knocked his own shot out with his last to give Roper 2 for the victory! Final Score 26-6.

Cogratulations to Bryan Roper for his first Singles Championship at Millicent and commiserations to John Buhlmann, who really did put up a good fight!!

Winner – Bryan “Wallet Wizard” Roper
Runner Up – John “Dusty” Buhlmann

Ladies Championship Pairs

The Ladies Championship Pairs was played yesterday 6th February with the Grand Final today 7th February in nearly perfect conditions!

10 pairs entered the competition with some great bowls played. The prelim final was particularly exciting with the game being level on the 15th end forcing the pairs to play another end to decide the match.
It would be great to see some more pairs enter next year!

Round 1:D.Parsons/ M.Clifford def M.Elton/ M.Johnson 10-9, S.Ross/ A.Ross def A.Radley/ J.Buhlmann 19-10
Semis: D.Parsons/ M.Clifford def M.Campbell/ C.Gibbs 19-7, L.Scudds/ R.Varcoe def M.Fennell/ R.Rolfe 23/15, C.Godden/ J.Lowe def M.Stevens/ D.Bellman 17-5, S.Ross/ A.Ross def H.Carthew/ E, Pietersma 19-6
Prelim: L.Scudds/ R.Varcoe def D.Parsons/ M.Clifford 16-14, S.Ross/ A.Ross def C.Godden/ J.Lowe 23-2

The Grand final was between Lynn Scudds & Ros Varcoe and the mother and daughter in law combination, Sarah Ross & Adriana Ross. It was neck in neck until Scudds & Varcoe picked up a 5 and pulled away, but the very next end Ross & Ross answered back with a 4 to be within 1 shot away. Once again the game was anybody’s until Scudds & Varcoe picked up a 4 & 3 respectively to be 8 ahead which is how they stayed with the final score being 23-15. They put on a good show for the crowd, which was great to see so many there supporting them.

Men’s Championship Singles

The first stage of the Men’s Singles was held today, 3rd February 2019, in very warm conditions. A field of 18 entered with 4 rounds played today.

Some great games were played by all competitors and spectators were not disappointed with what they saw, and some hard fought battles were won in the last few ends, with one of the prelim’s being decided on the very last bowl. It was great to see.

1st round: Rod Gibbs def Peter Scanlon 21-10, Wayne Ross def Iain Campbell 22-13.
2nd round: Rod Gibbs def Derk Pietersma 21-6, Bryan Roper def David Botting 21-10, Peter Varcoe def Malcom Wright 22-4, John Scudds def Glenn Tilley 21-14, John Buhlmann def Chris Earl 21-7, Neil Whelan def Robert Radley 22-17, David Reichelt def Arthur O’Connell 24-1, Wayne Ross def Peter Bateman 21-8.
Semi Finals: Bryan Roper def Rod Gibbs 21-13, John Scudds def Peter Varcoe 21-9, John Buhlmann def Neil Whelan 21-13, David Reichelt def Wayne Ross 21-14.
Prelim: Bryan Roper def John Scudds 21-20, John Buhlmann def David Reichelt 21-18.

The Grand Final will be between Bryan “Wallet Wizard” Roper and John “Dusty” Buhlmann this Sunday 10th February at 1pm.
Hope to see you all at the club for what will be an exciting game!!!

Ladies Invitation Fours & Pairs

The Ladies held their 2019 Invitation Fours & Pairs on Tuesday 29th January with 10 teams competing. Bowlers from Beachport, Kingston, Naracoorte RSL, Robe, Mt Gambier RSL and Millicent attended.
Two games of fours and two games of pairs were played and a bowl to the spider to start things off with overall winners awarded.
Closest to the spider were Ros Varcoe of Millicent and Nola Peel from Robe.
We would like to thank our sponsors The Millicent Card Ladies for their kind donation.

Winners: Jane Crowder, Carmel McQuade, Jenny Waugh & Veronica Opie
Runners Up: Adriana Ross, Del Parsons, Merle Stevens & Mary Clifford
Third: Lynn Scudds, Carlene Goddon, Carol Gibbs & Ros Varcoe

Herb Henderson Day 2019

On Australia Day 26th January the annual Herb Henderson Men’s Fours was held. A total of 30 teams entered with bowlers from Nhill, Nuriootpa, Kingston, Naracoorte, Mt Gambier, Mt Gambier RSL, Penola, Kalangadoo, Port MacDonnell and Millicent.
A total of 3 games were played throughout the day with round winners and overall winners awarded.
We thank our generous sponsors Wattle Range Funerals, Millicent Windows and Doors, Somerset Hotel, Hamilton Hatley & Associates, Millicent Real Estate & Elders.

Winners: Les James, Jason Kuring, Ben Masters & Daniel Langdon
Runners Up: John Hughes, John Scudds, Bryan Vorwerk, Greg Carpenter
Third: John Drew, Bill Davis, Rob Chambers & Denis Clifford

Snaps from Herb’s day.

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