Keep Social Distance Rules. Disinfectant spray (for the mats) and handwipes for the jacks are in the Mat Box.

Notice to bowlers in the Millicent Bowls Club

As from the 28th of July all conditions are back to where we were before the close-down was enforced. 2-4-2 can now go ahead also meetings and bowls practice. The only restriction is we cannot invite other clubs to participate in any functions.(Masks to be worn when in the clubroom)


Ladies Regional Two Bowl Triples Final

Bad luck to our ladies triples team who represented our Region in the finals play off on Saturday, 8th May which was  played at Naracoorte against Mundulla.  Our girls, Andrea, Sarah and Elaine, started off strongly having Mundulla 8 to nothing  but then Mundulla won the next four ends to level the score at 8 all.
By the 14th end, with the game being played over 18 ends, our girls were sitting  4 shots up, but then the rot set in with the girls dropping a possible 6 shots on the 15th end, 2 shots on the 16th end and 2 shots on the 17th end with our girls needing a possible 6 to draw the game but were only able to get 3 shots on the last end.  The final score was Mundulla 21 shots to Millicent 18 shots.  The Millicent girls played very well and congratulations to them.

Andrea, Sarah and Elaine
Whooops!!! Will Bryan drink this can, being in a CROWS stubby holder???????
being a staunch Port Supporter, only time will tell

Lower South East Bowls Association Champion of Champions Triples
Played at Naracoorte RSL on 24 April 2021

On Saturday the 24th April the Lower Association played their Champion of Champions Ladies’ two bowl triples at the Naracoorte RSL Bowls Club.  The event was played over 3 rounds leading up to the Grand Final.  All games up to the grand final were played over 15 ends with the grand final played over 18 ends.
The Millicent team of Andrea Radley(skip), Sarah Ross(Second) and Elaine Goode(lead), drew a bye in the first round and came up against Lucindale in the second round. They were able to win that game with the final score  after 14 ends Millicent 19 shots to Lucindale 5 shots with the last end not being played.
In their second game they played Mount Gambier and by the 10th end were sitting 2 shots up with the score 9 to 7 and by the 14th end  the score was Millicent 12, Mt Gambier 10.  The Millicent girls were able to win the last end giving them a place in the Grand Final.
The home team of Naracoorte RSL also won their place in the Grand Final and at end 12 the score was sitting at 10 shots all.  Millicent was able to win the next 4 ends to give them a 7 shot lead but Naracoorte RSL didn’t give up and were able to score 5 on the last 2 ends. The  final score, Millicent 17 to Naracoorte RSL 15 shots, giving Millicent the title of Champion of Champions winners for the Lower South East Bowls Association.  They will now go on to play in the Regional Ladies Triples Championship game.
Well done to Andrea, Sarah and Elaine and the best of luck in your next game.    

Champion of Champions winners
Elaine Goode, Sarah Ross, Andrea Radley

Ladies Champion of Champions Fours
Played at Mount Gambier RSL on 17th April

Well done to our Ladies Champions to work their way into the preliminary final: Judy Lowe, Faye Hill, Ros Varcoe and Lyn Scudds.  Playing one extra game due to the draw.
In the first game the girls came up against Robe and after a draw on the 12th end the score sat at 11 all causing an extra end to be played with the girls coming out winners.
In the second game the girls played Lucindale and were able to win this game convincingly  with the final score 17 to 7.  After a late lunch they then played Mount Gambier RSL on there home turf and unfortunately the Mount Gambier girls were able to come out victors and win their way into the Grand Final. What a great effort by the Millicent Girl.  Well done.

Champion of Champions Veteran Singles

On Tuesday 30th March, Iain Campbell competed in the Champion Of Champions singles in Mount Gambier at the Mount Gambier Club.  It was a very big day for Iain, starting at 9-00am  and winning his first game of 21 up.
Iain then went on to win his next 2 games to take him to the Grand Final which was played against Neil Watts from Lucindale Club.  From the start it was a neck and neck game with neither player giving in, this lasted right up until both scores were sitting at 17 all, the game then continued for 3 more ends with Iain reaching the target of 21. The contest wound up at 6-30pm giving Iain the title of LSEBA Veteran Singles Champion of Champions winner for 2021 season.

Congratulations Iain and well done from all club members.

Veteran Singles Champion of Champions Winner, Iain Campbell
Iain inspecting the head, playing under the roof at the Mount Gambier Club

Millicent Bowls Club Men’s Veterans Singles Grand Final 

The Millicent Bowls Club, on the 17th March, held the Grand Final of the Men’s Veterans Singles between Derk Pietersma and Iain Campbell and played to the first to reach 21 shots.
Iain got away to  a strong start and by the fourth end Iain lead 6 to Derk 0, by the 11th end Iain was leading by 8 shots with the score at Iain 12 to Derk 4.  At the 19th end Derek had fought back with the score sitting at 14 all and was able to win the next 2 ends giving Derk the lead for the first time in the game by 2 shots.
Iain then went on to win the next 4 of the last 5 ends to take out the title of Millicent Bowls Club Veterans Champion for 2021 season.  What a great game it was lasting 2.5 hrs and being played over 26 ends. Congratulations to both Iain and Derk.

Iain Campbell, Veterans Champion for 2021 season
Veteran Singles Runner Up Derk Pietersma

Millicent Bowls Club Flying Doctor Bowls Day

On Sunday 14th March the Millicent Bowls Club held their annual fund raising day for the Flying Doctor with players from Night Bowls and regular players taking part.  This year we saw 72 players take to the greens, double the amount of players from last year, to play 1 game of 16 ends.  The day started at just after 1-00pm and by 3-30pm the players were ready for a lovely afternoon tea, with all players bringing something to go on the table. All players had a feast!!
After afternoon tea the results were read out and in first place was a night bowls team the Untouchables, Eddy Hann, Tery Barnes, David Reichelt and Barry Smith, with a score of 32+13.  Second place went to the team of Jack Attack, another night bowls team, made up of, Frank Cooper, Ian Kuchel, David Nuske and Garry Wilson with a score of 31+14.
The total amount raised for the day was $1605.00,  $365.00 for greens fees, $510.00 from the raffle and $730.00 from the wrong bias tin which runs for the full season, if a bowler plays a wrong bias it costs him/her  $1.00 per wrong bias, indicating there were 730 wrong biases this year.  This is a great fund raiser for the Flying Doctor
The President of the local Flying Doctor Fund Raising Committee Ken Haines, presented the Millicent Bowls Club President with a Certificate of Appreciation for the efforts put in over the past years.  This was very much appreciated by the club.     

Certificate being presented to President Peter Hyland From RFDS President Ken Haines
The Winning Team Untouchables
Eddy Hann, Tery Barnes,David Reichelt, Barry Smith
Jack Attack Runners Up
Frank Cooper, Ian Kuchel, David Nuske, Garry Wilson

Millicent Bowls Club Ladies and Men’s Veteran Singles

On Wednesday the 10th March , the Millicent Bowls Club held their annual Veterans Singles competition.  To qualify for this game all players must be 70 years of age or over.
In the ladies competition the Grand Final  was played between Lyn Scudds and Ella Pietersma.  All games leading up to and including the Grand Final were played to 21 shots up with the first player in the game reaching 21shots declared the winner.

In the Grand Final, by the 8th end, both players, Lyn and Ella were sitting on 4 shots each, the battle continued on and by the 19th end the score had risen to 14 shots each.  This game was becoming a real battle royal with both players going shot for shot.

On the 25th end Ella scored 3 shots to put the score at , Ella 20 shots to Lyn 16 shots, meaning that Ella only required 1 shot to take out the title but on the next end Lyn scored 2 shots bringing the score to 18 for Lyn and 20 to Ella. On the 27th end Ella was able to get one shot and give her the title of Ladies Veteran Singles Champion for 2021.  What a great game it was.

The Men’s game has come down to the final two  and won’t be played until Wednesday 17th of March starting at 1-00pm.  The final 2 players to fight for the title are Iain Campbell and Derk Pietersma and once again, this game will be played to the first to reach 21shots.  The best of luck to both players.

Ladies Veteran Champion, Ella Pietersma
Ladies Veterans Runner Up , Lyn Scudds

Millicent Bowls Club Annual Ladies Fours
Tuesday 2nd March

The Millicent Bowls Club held their annual ladies fours competition on March the 2nd with 9 clubs attending the day which was fully catered and started at 9-30am with one game of 12 ends being played before lunch and two games of 10 ends played after lunch.  All teams not only enjoyed a great lunch but also a lovely afternoon tea at the end of the day.
On entering the club rooms, at the start of the day, all players were graced with a magnificent display of needle work, patchwork quilts and many other craft displays made by Millicent Bowls Club members.
To start off the presentations, 4 players were lucky enough to win the closest to the ditch roll up before the competition began, they were Kerri Boyd, Merna Whitehead, Veronica Opie and Joan Hurn.
The winning team for the day with a score of 85 points was a team from Port McDonnell, with lead, Sharon Perryman, second Roma Henderson, third Jan Dowdell and Skip Judy Grosvener. Second place went to a Millicent Team with 80 points, the lead being Mac MacDonald, second Ella Pietersma, third Jan Buhlmann and Skip Andrea Radley.  Third was a team from Penola on 76 points,lead Kaye Batt, second Sue Lamont ,third  Chris Skeer and Skip Lyn Brodie.
The day was a great success and the Millicent Club thanked all players who travelled for the day.

The winning team for the day
Sharon Perryman, Roma Henderson, Jan Dowdell, Judy Grosvenor
In Second place
Mac Macdonald, Jan Buhlmann, Ella Pietersma, Andrea Radley
In Third Place
Kaye Batt, Sue Lamant, Chris Skeer, Lyn Brodie

Millicent Bowls Club Men’s Championship Fours

On Monday the 1st March the Men’s Championship Fours Grand Final was played between, David Reichel, Peter Bateman, Andre Reinders and Bryan Roper[Skip] and Bill Davis, John Buhlmann, Steve Carnellor and Peter Scanlon[Skip].
With the game starting at 1-00pm in very windy, damp conditions, the grand final was  played over 18 ends.  For the first 8 ends of the game, the two teams were neck and neck with the score sitting at, Bryan Roper’s team 9 shots to Peter Scanlon’s team 7 shots but the Scanlon’s team were then able to score 7 shots to give them a 5 shot lead.  They then went on to win 5 of the next 7 ends.  The final score after only 17 ends played was Peter Scanlon’s team 25 shots to Bryan Roper’s team 17 shots.
This gave Bill Davis, John Buhlmann, Steve Carnellor and Peter Scanlon the game and the title of  Millicent Bowls Club Men’s Fours Champions for 2021.

Well done to all players who took part in the competition.

Millicent Bowls Club Men’s Fours Champions for 2021
Peter Scanlon, Steve Carnellor, John Buhlmann, Bill Davis
Runners Up
Bryan Roper, Andre Reinders, Peter Bateman, David Reichelt

Millicent Bowls Club Championship Pairs 2021

The Millicent Bowls Club on Sunday the 21st  February, held the Grand Final of the Men’s Championship Pairs.  The games leading up to the Grand Final were played on January 25th with 20 teams taking part in the competition which were played over 15 ends.  After 4 elimination rounds there were two pairs left in the competition, Peter Scanlon and John Buhlmann to play Peter Varcoe and Andre Reinders.
The Grand Final was played over 18 ends and for the first 9 ends it was a neck and neck battle, the score sitting with the Scanlon, Buhlmann pair 10 shots to Varcoe, Reinders pair 9 shots.  By the 17th end, with only one end left to play, the score sat at Scanlon, Buhlmann, leading by 3 shots 19 to 16 going into the last end. With 1 bowl left to play by the Varcoe , Reinders pair the score was tied with them holding 3 shots but then with a perfectly delivered bowl Peter Varcoe drew his last bowl to give them 4 shots to win the game by one shot and give them the title of Pairs Champions for 2021         

Pairs Champions for 2021
Peter varcoe and Andre Reinders
Runners Up
Peter Scanlon and John Buhlmann

Millicent Bowls Club Championship Ladies Fours

On Sunday 14th February the Millicent Bowls Club held their Ladies Championship Fours, with all games starting at 8-30am. The games leading up to the Grand Final were played over 15 ends and the Grand Final was played over 18 ends.
Five teams took part  involving 20 of our ladies.  After playing 2 round, it came down to the Grand Final which was contested between the teams of Del Parsons, Heather Carthew, Ella Pietersma and Shirley Thiele and Lyn Scudds, Carlene Godden, Ros Varcoe, Judy Lowe.
Del Parson’s team started off strong leading 5 shots to 1 then by the 8th end  the game was sitting at 7 all.   The team of Lyn Scudds  was able to win 6 of the next 9 ends with the score finishing after the 18th end Lyn’s team 17 shots to Del’s team 10 shots giving Lyn Scudds, Carlene Godden, Ros Varcoe and Judy Lowe the title of Ladies Fours Champions for 2021.

Fours Champions for 2021

Ros Varcoe, Lyn Scudds, Judy Lowe, Carlene Godden

Runners Up

Shirley Thiele, Ella Pietersma, Heather Carthew, Del Parsons

Millicent Bowls Club Championship Handicap Pairs for 2021

The Millicent Bowls Club on the 3rd of February 2021 held their Annual Champion Handicap Pairs.  All games were played over 12 ends with 2 rounds to be completed before going into the Grand Final.
16 players took to the greens in quite pleasant conditions with the final four pairs playing to get into the Grand Final.   Lyn Scudds and Mary Campbell played  Dawn Bellman and Faye Hill with the latter winning their way into the grand final.   The second four were Adriana Ross and Jan Buhlmann (sub for Merle Stevens who had to leave) against Mary Clifford and Del Parsons with the later also winning their way into the grand final.
Before the first end was played Del’s team had to give Dawn’s team 1 shot as this was the difference in the two teams handicaps – Dawn’s score at 5 shots and Del’s at 4.  On the first end Del and Mary scored a 6 which already put them 5 shots up. At the 7th end Del and Mary were still holding a good lead sitting 5 shots up and by the 12th Del and Mary came out victors with the score finishing at 19 to 11 giving them the title of Handicap Pairs Champions for 2021.   

The Winning Pair Del Parsons and Mary Clifford
Runners Up Dawn Bellman and Faye Hill

Millicent Bowls Club Annual Herb Henderson Day

The Millicent Bowls Club held their Annual Australia Day/ Herb Henderson Day on the 26th January, with Teams coming from Kingston, Mount Gambier, Mount Gambier RSL, Naracoorte, Kalangadoo, Port Mac Donnell Robe and Nhill. 26 teams took to the greens to play 1 game of 15 ends in the morning and 2 games of 12 ends in the afternoon.  Players were served a delicious 2 course lunch which was  supplied by the bowls ladies committee and prepared under very strict safety  regulations.
It was great to see Herb attend the luncheon as he is now unable to bowl for a full day. President Peter Hyland welcomed him to the club and also welcomed all players who had travelled to take part in the day.
Results for the day saw a mixed team from Mount Gambier, Port MacDonnell and Mount Gambier RSL take out first prize with a score of 84.5  [Glen Wright, Adam Wilson, Vic Perryman and Keith Dowdell].  In second place was a local team [ Rod Gibbs, Iain Campbell, Derek Bowering and John Scudds] with a score of 83 points.  In third place was another mixed team made up from Mount Gambier and Mount Gambier RSL Bowls Clubs with a score of 75.5 points [Graham Crowder, John Robinson, Steve Farrell, and Jeff England].  Taking out 4th place prize money was another mixed team from Mount Gambier  and Mount Gambier RSL [ Les James, Dan Masters, Ben Masters and Buzz Bowditch] with a score of 74.5 points,
Prizes were also given to the best 1st, 2nd and 3rd game winners.  First game winners was the team of Bryan Vorwerk, Gary Widdison, John Hughes and Bryan Francis.  Second game best winners was the team of Michael Fox, Chris Waugh, Peter Reppon and Steve Attiwal .  Third game best winnesr was the team of Ron Packer, Keith Jarrad, Ron Hallam and Breyton Koch.    

First Place Winners

Glen Wright, Adam Wilson, Vic Perryman, Keith Dowdell

Second Place Winners

Rod Gibbs, Iain Campbell, Derek Bowering, John Scudds

Third Place Winners

Jeff England, Steve Farrell, John Robinson, Graham Crowder

Forth place winners

Les James, Dan Masters, Ben Masters, Buzz Bowditch

First game winners

Bryan Vorwerk, Gary Widerson, John Hughes, Bryan Francis

Best second game winners

Michael Fox, Chris Waugh, Peter Reppon, Steve Attiwal

Best third game winners

Ron Packer, Keith Jarrad, Ron Hallam, Breyton Koch

Millicent Bowls Club KCA/Mac Landrover Day
Held Sunday 24th January 2021

On Sunday the 24th January the Millicent Bowls Club held their annual KCA/Mac Landrover Competition. 40 players took to the greens in very warm conditions.  The games started at 8-30am due to the weather forecast and only 2 games of 10 ends were played in the morning.  There was only 1 visiting player who participated and that was Mr Eddie Otter from Mount Gambier.
The winning team for the day was the team of Sarah Ross, David Nuske, Bryan Roper and Wayne Ross, winning their 2 games.  In second  place, also with 2 wins was the team of, Bob Baxter, Aaron Emonson, David Taylor and Derek Bowering.  Third place saw the team of John Eldridge, Garth Baker, Peter Varcoe and John Drew and collecting 4th place money was the team of Arthur O’Connell, Alan Correll, Colin Lomas and Terry Lonergan
Prizes also went to the best first and second game winners and these went to:  First game Derk Pietersma, Heather Carthew, Ella Pietersma and Dawn Bellman.  Second game winners were  Neil Whelan, David Reichelt, Alby Cecotti and Eddie Otter

Millicent Bowls Club Ladies Championship Pairs 2021

On Saturday the 23rd of January the Millicent Bowls Club held their Ladies Championship Pairs. The games leading up to the Grand Final were played over 15 ends and the Grand Final played over 18 ends.
Three rounds were played, with the teams of Sarah Ross, Adriana Ross, playing  Lyn Scudds, Ros Varcoe and Elaine Goode and Carol Gibbs, playing Andrea Radley and Ella Pietersma in the semi- finals.
Part way through the semi- final, Carol Gibbs, was feeling unwell due to heat stress and was subbed out of the game. Mary Campbell had not taken part in any of the games was able to join Elaine for the remainder of the game and was eligible to play in the Grand Final if they got through in the Preliminary Final.
After the completion of the 15th end, the two teams progressing to the Grand Final were between Lyn Scudds and Ros Varcoe  and  Elaine Goode and Mary Campbell.  This was played over 18 ends.
Lyn and Ros got away to a good start leading by 9 shots at the completion of the 7th end but by the 15th end Elaine and Mary had fought their way back into the game to have the score sitting at 14 shots each.  This was leading into a great finish but on the 16th end with only another 2 ends to play, Lyn and Ros were able to score a 7  going on the become the Pairs Champions for 2021. The final score after 18 ends were  Lyn Scudds and Ros Varcoe 22 shots to Elaine Goode and Mary Campbell 15 shots.

Millicent Bowls Club Ladies Singles Championship 2021

On January 20th the Millicent Bowls Club held its Annual Ladies Singles Championship with 9 bowlers taking part in the competition which was played over 4 knock- out rounds.
In the third round 4 players went in to the Preliminary Final. Fay Hill played  Ella Pietersma.  Ella  went on to win her way into the Grand Final.
The other Preliminary Final was played between Ros Varcoe and Adriana Ros., This game saw Adriana win her way into the Grand Final.  All games preceding the grand final were played to 21 up.
The Grand final was then set to be contested between Adreina Ross and Ella Pietersma.  This game was played until the first player won 25 shots.
By the 9th end Adriana had a good lead over Ella with the score sitting at 11 to 1. Ella then won 8 of the next 11 ends to bring the score 18/15 Adriana’s way. By the 27th end there was only 1 shot between the two players with the score sitting at 21 to Adriana and Ella 20  then Ella won the last 2 ends taking the final score to 25/21 Ella’s way and giving her the title of 2021 Ladies Singles Champion. It was certainly a great game and was watched by many spectators.

Well done to both ladies.

Ladies Singles Champion and Runners Up

Champion Ella Pietersma with Runner Up Adriana Ross

Millicent Bowls Club Championship Triples

On the 16th of January the Millicent Bowls Club held their annual two bowl,  Triples Championship Competition for both men and ladies.  The games leading up to the finals were played over 15 ends
18 players took part in the ladies, starting play at 8-30am.  The elimination rounds were played over 15 ends,  finally getting down to the last two teams of Lyn Scudds(skip), Mary Campbell and Carlen Godden, playing  Andrea Radley (skip), Sarah Ross and Elaine Goode.
The Grand Final was played over 18 ends and by the 6th end the Scudds  team had a demanding lead of 11 to 2 but then the Radley team started to fight back winning the last 9 of the remaining 12 ends. The score was all even going into the last end but the Radley team scored two shots on the last end giving them the title of Ladies Triples Champions for 2021.  The final score being 18 to 16.
In the men’s games 39 players went out to play with the games starting at the same time as the ladies.  After 4 knock- out rounds the final two teams left standing were the teams of Peter Scanlon (skip), Peter Varcoe and Peter Bateman and Brian Roper (Skip), Andre Reinders and David Reichelt.
This was a closely contested match up  until the 9th end, with the score sitting at Roper 8 shots to Scanlon 6, but then the Roper team was able to score the next 5 ends giving them the final score of 18 shots to 14 and the title of Men’s Triples Champions for 2021.
This was a great effort by all four teams to reach the Grand Final in such windy and inclement conditions.      

Ladies Champions Winners for 2021, Andrea Radley, Sarah Ross, Elaine Goode
Runners Up, Lyn Scudds, Mary Campbell, Carlene Godden
Men’s Triples Champions for 2021, Brian Roper, Andre Reinders, David Reichelt
Triples Championship Runners Up, Peter Scanlon, Peter Varcoe, Peter Bateman