Millicent Bowls Club Ladies Invitation Fours
Played 6th December 2022 Supported By Millicent Pharmacy

The day started at 9-30am, with 14 teams taking part.  Players were also asked to come with some Christmas theme in their dress.  Teams travelled from as far as Bordertown to attend.
Before starting the day players had the opportunity to win a prize by bowling to the ditch with the closest bowl to the ditch winning the prize.  This was won by Liz Copping from Penola and Carol Miller from Lucindale.
The best dressed teams for the Christmas theme went to Helen Lynch’s team from Robe and Ella Pietersma from Millicent for the best Christmas hat.
The competition consisted of twelve ends before a catered lunch and two games of ten ends before afternoon tea.
Winners for the day was a team from Mount Gambier RSL, Joy Bilney, Karen Doman, Merna Whitehead and Jane Crowder.  Second went to a Beachport team of Jill Preston, Anne Marie Goode, Lynette Smith and Pam Snook and in third spot a team from Kingston, Helen Vawser, Tracey Willmott, Julie Clarke and Urai Jacobs.

The winning Four From Mount Gambier RSL
Joy Bilney, Karen Doman, Merna Whitehead, Jane Crowder
Runners Up, from Beachport
Jill Preston, Anne Marie Goode, Lynette Smith, Pam Snook

Third Place Getters, From Kingston
Urai Jacobs, Julie Clarke, Tracey Willmott, Helen Vawser

Millicent Bowl’s Club Finals – Men’s Handicap Singles and Mixed Pairs

The Grand final of the Millicent Bowl’s Club Mixed Pairs was played on Thursday 1st December. This competition began back in September but due to COVID the Grand Final finally was played between Rod and Carol Gibbs and Joy Warren and Aaron Emonson, with the final being played over 15 ends.  By the 8th end  Carol and Rod, were well in front with the score 18 to 5 and by the 14th end the Gibbs combination was 23 shots to 9, with the 15th end not being played thus giving Rod and Carol the title of Mixed Pairs Champions for  2022-23 Season.

The Grand Final of the Men’s Handicap Singles was also played on 1st December, with Eddie Hann and Jim Campbell winning their way into the Gard Final to be played over 21 ends with both players starting on an 8 shots each start.
Eddie got away to a strong start and by the 5th end was sitting on 16 shots to Jim 8. Jim then started to work his way into the game and by the 10th end was only one shot behind Eddie.  By the 17 end Jim then took over the lead by one shot and continued on to win the next 4 ends winning the game and the title of 2022-23 Handicap Singles Champion.   

Men’s Singles Handicap: Winner Jim Campbell and Runner Up Eddie Hann
The winning Mixed Pair Carol and Rod Gibbs
Runners Up, Joy Warren and Aaron Emonson

Millicent Bowls Club Handicap Singles
Played 28th November 2022

On Monday 28th November the Millicent Bowls Club held their Annual Handicap Singles, starting at 8-30am in very windy cold conditions with all games being played over 21 ends.
The players making it to the semi- final  were Adriana Ross and Lyn Scudds, with Lyn having to give Adriana a 4 shot start and in the other Semi Final Joy Warren played Heather Carthew with Heather having to give Joy a 6 shot start.
In the Ross/Scudds game, at the 7th end scores were tied at 8 shots each with Lyn pegging back Adriana’s 4 shot handicap.  By the 17th end the scores were still tied at 17 shots each but by the 21st and final end Lyn was able to gain a 3 shot lead to take her into the Grand Final.
In the other semi- final, Heather Carthew had to give Joy Warren a 6 shot start and by the 11th end there was only a one shot difference in the score, with Heather sitting on 18 shots to Joy’s 19 shots but by the 21st end Joy was able to take out the game by 5 shots, 29 to 24 ,putting Joy into the Grand Final.
The Grand Final also was played over 21 ends, with Lyn having to give Joy a 10 shot start.  By the 12th end Lyn had reduced the handicap by 2 shots with the score sitting at Joy 18 to Lyn 10 shots, by the 17th  there was only a 3 shot difference with Joy sitting at 19 to Lyn 16.  With only one end to play Joy had a 4 shot lead and on the 21st end, with only one bowl to play, Lyn was holding 4 shots but Joy, with her last bowl, came down with a little weight on picked up the jack and ended the game with 4 shots. Final score, Joy 23 to Lyn 17, making Joy Warren the Ladies Singles Handicap Champion for 2022/23 Season.  

Runner- up Lyn Scudds with the Winner Joy Warren
A very big THANK YOU to our sponsor , Bowman Earth Movers and Blackbird Industries for sponsoring our BOWLS EQUIPMENT

Millicent Bowls Club Triples Championship
for Ladies and Men

Sunday 9th October, the Millicent Bowls Blub held their Annual Triples Championship competition.
In the Ladies’ Competition 21 players took part, with all games up to the Grand Final played over 15 ends in a knock out system.  The team of Lorraine Hyland, Ella Pietersma and Heather Carthew competed against Mary Campbell, Carlene Godden and Carol Gibbs in the Grand Final played over 18 ends. By the 7th end there was only a one shot difference in the scores with Carthew team 8 shots to Campbell team 7, this continued up until the 14th end, where the Campbell’s Team took the lead by one shot. At the  final end the score finished with the Campbell team 19 shots to the Carthew team 11 giving Mary Campbell, Carlene Godden and Carol Gibbs the title of Triples Champions for 2022/23 Season.
In the Men’s Triples, 36 players took part in the competition, also played over 15 ends leading up to the Grand Final, which also was played over 18 ends. In this competition the grand final came down to the teams of Glen Jones, Andre Reinders and David Reichelt taking on Ben Masters, Aaron Emonson and Steve Skeer. This game was also a neck and neck game and by the 17th end scores were all square at 14 shots each, with only one bowl to play by the Masters team, the Jones team were holding two shots by with a brilliant bowl from  Ben Masters with his last bowl, with a little weight on it came through moved the Jack to give Steve Skeer, Aaron Emonson and Brian Masters one shot and the Championship for 2022/23 season   

Ladies Triples Champions For 2022/23 Season,Carol Gibbs, Carlene Godden, Mary Campbell
Men’s Triples Champions For 2022/23 Season, Ben Masters,Aaron Emonson, Steve Skeer

Millicent Bowls Club Mixed Pairs

One Sunday 25th of September, the Millicent Bowls Club held their annual Mixed Pairs Competition. 13 teams registered to played.  All games were played over 12 ends with a 2 and walk format.
Three games were played leading up to the Grand Final, with Joy Warren and Aaron Emonson winning their way into the Grand final along with Carol and Rod Gibbs.  Aaron is leaving for Queensland on the 27th a date for the Grand Final has not been fixed at this stage   

The two mixed pairs winning their way to the Grand Final
Rod and Carol Gibbs V’s Joy Warren and Aaron Emonson

The Scudds/Earl Shield
Played between Mount Gambier RSL and Millicent Bowls Clubs

On Sunday 18th September, Mount Gambier RSL bowls members travelled to Millicent to take part in the annual Scudds/Earl Shield competition, with 112 players taking part in the day. The competition has been an annual event for 16 years with Millicent only winning the shield once in that time back in 2008. This year Millicent turned the table around and came out victors with the total shots for Millicent being 202 to RSL 175.
The competition is only held once per year and is rotated between the clubs. This year the game was scheduled to start at 12-30pm after a BBQ lunch but due to heavy rain and the greens covered in water, the competition didn’t commence until 2-15pm which cut the games back from 25 ends to 12 ends.
The best performing rink for Mount Gambier RSL went to Fleur Roachock, Max Schulz, Peter Bruhn and Ron Plunges winning by 9 shots.  Best rink for Millicent  went to Ian Ross, David Taylor, George Hobson, Bob Baxter winning by 20 shots.     

Graham Wilson, President Peter Hyland and Chairman of Selrctors Wayne Ross
Best winning rink for RSL, Max Schulz, Peter Bruhn, Ron Plunges, Fleur Roachock
Best winning rink for Millicent Bob Baxter, George Hobson and Ian Ross,with David Taylor Missing

Millicent Bowls Club Season Opening
Held Sunday 11th September 2022

Mr John Drew was invited by President Peter Hyland to officially open the 2022/23 Bowls Season for the Millicent Bowls Club. Mr Drew,  a Wattle Range Council member, represented the Mayor in officiating at this very important event. John is a Past President and Life Member of the Millicent Bowls Club.
After officially opening the season, President Peter invited Ladies Singles Champion Lyn Scudds to roll the jack and play the first bowl for the ladies. John Buhlmann, Men’s Singles Champion put down the first bowl for the men.
After the official part of the day, members were to play 2 games of 10 ends and after the games enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea supplied by the members, but unfortunately we are unable to control the weather and by the completion of the 5th end in the first game the day was washed out.
With 2 rinks coming in equal with 13+3, both teams received a pen each for their efforts.  The winning rinks were, Bob Baxter, Derrick Lindh, Iain Campbell, Faye Hill/KymStewart, Derk Pietersma, George Hobson and Mary Campbell, coming in third only one shot short was the rink of Sam Schofield, Malcolm Wright, Frank Cooper and Mary Clifford.

President Peter welcoming Councilor John Drew to open the season
Ladies Singles Champion Lyn Scudds putting down the Jack
Men’s Singles Champion John Buhlmann delivering the first bowl for the men
One of the overall winning teams Derk Pietersma, Mary Campbell, George Hobson, Kym Stewart
Equal overall winning team Bob Baxter, Faye Hill, Iain Campbell, Derrick Lindh

Congratulations to New Life Member: John Drew

John transferred from Jamestown in 1980 then joined  the Millicent Bowls Club and in that time has served as President in 2003, Secretary in 2010,11 and 12 and assisting with the Treasurer’s job from time to time.  Prior to that he  had spent time serving on the Board.
His bowling achievements have been: 1995 winning the Championship Fours, in 1993, 96, 98 and 2007 winning the Championship Triples and in 2018,2020, the Championship Pairs.
John has also been a great asset to the club with his knowledge in electronics, computing and his skills in appropriation writing and has been instrumental in winning many thousands of dollars for club projects over the last 15 years  John also installed the PA system and speakers around the club room and fixed problems whenever required with this system.
John has also assisted in setting up programmes for accounting, setting up bowls programmes for doing draws for the 2-4-2 games with the computer system, he was also instrumental in setting up the Club Web Site and has assisted me many times when problems have occurred.  He is also responsible for the upkeep of the Web site as Web Master.
John has always helped when something needed to be written and has been a leader in assisting, along with John Scudds in the  writing of several policies, which were accepted and finally became part of the Constitution and By-laws.
To give you some idea of John’s achievements with appropriation writing which takes many hours of work, he was able to a get for the club a $50,000 Water Grant for C Green, in 2007, $10,000 for the installation of Solar Panels, a State Grant for $40,000 in 2021 for new shelters and a Council Grant last year of $12,000 for electrical work.  These applications take days of work using the correct wording.  He has been able to obtain $112,000  for projects at the Millicent Bowls Club.

New Life Member John Drew with President Peter Hyland