The club is proud of its Pennant performance. Although 2020/21 was a challenging year, the players mostly do very well in the competitions and it is unusual not to win a pennant each year. Participation is very high and in 2020/21 we have three Divisions in the Ladies Friday Pennant and six teams in the Saturday Open Competition.

The club members treat the Thursday 2/4/2 competition as their pennant practice and there is no doubt this helps with their performance.

Watch the pennant pages for teams, results and programs.

Good bowling from The Web Team

A message from our Umpire’s Coach – John Scudds

1. The etiquette of lawn bowls is not written into the laws of the game but have developed over many years and are an unwritten code of conduct that facilitate a smooth and pleasant game for all. Common sense, a sense of fair play and good sportsmanship are the basis for all points of etiquette. Those players who choose not to adhere to these points of etiquette stand out for all the wrong reasons, so try not to be one of them.
We should all be prepared to give and accept well-intentioned advice regarding them to make our club member’s bowling experiences more pleasant. Click Bowls Etiquette to download.

2. The team roles an responsibilities attempt to outline what each member of a bowls fours side should be attempting to do.
While each bowler has an individual role within a side, the overall aim of course, is for the side to perform as well as possible as a unit. Each player performing their part helps, but this needs to be backed up by the team functioning well as a unit with everyone encouraging and supporting each other, genuinely wanting each other to do well and enjoying each other’s company. Team roles & responsibilities 2014

Only when both of the above come together do you get  success on the green.
Knowing your required role and being a good team member is totally in your hands, so,
“What do you plan to contribute to your team in each of these areas?”