The phone at the clubrooms is not often monitored in the non bowling season, so this comment box is the best option.

The Publicity Officer checks emails regularly and will reply as soon as possible.

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The Club has a Board of 9 for 2018-19.

  • President: Derk Pietersma
  • Secretary: Ella Pietersma
  • Treasurer: Malcolm Wright
  • Female Vice President: Andrea Radley
  • Male Vice President: Peter Hyland
  • Directors:

Sub Committees & Chairs 2017-2018

  • Tournament: Derek Bowering
  • Grounds: Derk Pietersma
  • Fundraising/Social and Catering: Lurlene Reinders
  • Finance: President, Vice Presidents (M & F),

     Sectretary, Treasurer, Iain Campbell

  • House: Rod Gibbs
  • Bar Manager: Arthur O’Connell
  • Publicity: TBA
  • Selectors Chairpersons:

          ladies - TBA                            

          open gender - TBA

  • Club Coach: John Scudds
  • Umpires Coach: John Scudds
  • Health and Welfare: David Botting

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                          Copies of any photos you see on this website can be ordered using the above

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The Bowling Club is situated on

the north side of North Terrace

opposite Benton Street.

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