Night Owls

2017-2018  SEASON

Final Night - 14th March

Submitted by Ella Pietersma

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Well this was the night where you could challenge a team to see if you could match it with them especially if they were in a higher grade or you were pipped at the post last time.  There was lots of laughter and friendly banter and food to keep everyone fed.


Maurice Puatti (Try Hards) 4, Alan Webster (Sparkies) 4, Dave Turner (Sparkies) 3, Malcolm McRobert (Maccas) 3, Paul Craig (Rovers) who happened to be celebrating his birthday also had 3.


Bits & Pieces (Gran Walker, Graham Watson, Sue Skeer, Jim Greenfield) defeated the Beanz Team 28+12, Lion Cubs ( Keith Fields, Robert Dunn, Graham Arney) defeated the Lions 28+2, Teagle Boys (Dave Fillin, Nipper Horne, Dillan Jones, Kurt Stephan) defeated the Rovers 27+30, with other winners being Maccas 2+16, Somery Seniors 27+12, Awesome Foursome 27+11, Birdies 27+10, Max’s Four 27+9, Gizzies Crew 27+7, Untouchables 27+4, Tant Tigers 26+4, Rotary 26+4, Skeeters 26+3, Paradise 25+6, Jack Attack 25+3.


No team won all their matches and every team won at least 3 matches.

203 players had touches, White players had 656 touches, Blue players had 536, Red Players had 611 which tallied up to 1803 touches for the season.

Players can only win 1 individual prize.


White Division:  sponsored by G.O & J.M. Davis Carpentry .

Night Bowler Joint Winner Graham Watson (Bits& Pieces) and Paul Craig (Gizzies Crew) on 21 touches, with Kaye Earl (Oldies & Goodies) on 19 touches.  

Registered Bowler winner was Jim Earl (Oldies & Goodies) on 18 touches.

Blue Division:  sponsored by G.O & J.M. Davis Carpentry.

Night Bowler was Robin Thomas (Skeeters) on 22 touches, Linda McRobert (Maccas) and Brian Haines (Rotary) both had 20.  

Registered Bowler winner was Max Blacketer (Max’s Four) on 16.

Red Division: sponsored by Gil Purdie Master Plumber also had joint winners.

Night Bowler section on 20 touches, both from Grand Hotel Ghosts’ Gavin Walker and Graham Fennell, with another player from Grand Ghosts, Terry Chant, on 19 runner-up.

Registered Bowler winner was Wayne Ross from Jack Attack on 24 touches.

Overall Night Bowler:  Shaun Osborne (Bedford Butterflies) on 24 touches was outright winner with joint runners-up on 23 touches Jamie Veering (Grand Hotel) and Eddie Hann (Rotary).

Overall Registered Bowlers:  Two winners on 33 touches were David Reichelt (Untouchables) and Sam Schofield (Team Paradise).

Touches on most nights:  sponsored by Cool Moose Refrigeration.

White Division with 13 touches on 11 nights was Garry Miller (Bedford Butterflies).

Blue Division with 20 touches on 12 nights were Janine Clark (Bobcat’s) and Maureen McRobert (Maccas).

Red Division with 14 touches on 11 nights was Roger Walker (Walker Boys).

ENCOURAGEMENT AWARDS:  sponsored by Big Trev’s Gas & Plumbing.

White Division  Keenly contested and won by Beanz Team.

Blue Division  Playing well but missing too many games were the Four Tees.

Red Division  Was the Sunnies who will find the going easier next season .

THE NORM VON EINEM MEMORIAL TROPHY FOR TEAM TOUCHES:  sponsored by Bernie Bowman and Family.

The winners with 87 were the Untouchables, from Grand Ghosts 83, Maccas 71, Jack Attack 70, Team Paradise 69.


White Division:  sponsored by R. & M. Buckmaster Carpentry.

Winners with 12 wins 4 losses on 351 points were Somery Seniors.  Runners-up with 9 wins and 6 losses and 1 draw on 298 points were the Woodlanders.

Blue Division:  sponsored by Millicent 4WD Systems.

Winners were Somerset Legends on 328 points having 11 wins 5 losses and runners-up were the Maccas on 310 points with 9 wins, 5 losses and 2 draws.

Red Division:  sponsored by Lonergan and Muhovics.

Winners were the Untouchables on 389 points, 13 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw with Rovers being the runners-up on 361 points, 12 wins, 3 losses, and 1 draw.

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